Encounter Wilderness with Thrill of Safari in Tadoba National Park

Enjoying biodiversity through safari in Tadoba National Park is a lifetime experience. This national park is one of the prominent wildlife holiday destinations for spotting tigers and other wildlife creatures. A jungle safari in Tadoba National Park is one of the best things to happen to wildlife enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest and largest national parks, home to flora, fauna, avifauna, bird species, and butterflies. Through the safari, you can witness each element of this jungle and fill your diary with memories of this enthralling experience.

Jungle safari is designed to provide enjoyment with a touch of thrill. While on the jungle safari, spot tigers, leopards, sloth bears, wild dogs, panthers, barking deer, wolves, and more mammals.

Tadoba National Park offers jeep and canter safaris, which allow you to explore the jungle’s depth in feasible ways. The jeep is the most exciting vehicle for a jungle safari, while the canter safari is an economical way to enjoy a wildlife tour. You can scroll down to learn more about the safari experience in Tadoba National Park.

Types of Safari in Tadoba National Park

The noted wildlife sanctuary in the Chandrapur district covers 625 square kilometers. You can enjoy a tiger safari in this sanctuary, adding fascinating elements to your vacation. Jeep safari and canter safari are two modes of experiencing the beauty of this forest through paths. You will go into the jungle’s depths in the jeep and canter.

Jeep Safari in Tadoba National Park

A jeep safari is an open jeep with a six-seat availability and is counted as one of the best ways to explore the jungle. This four-wheeler will take you to the core and buffer zone of tourists to explore the rich biodiversity of Tadoba. Apart from witnessing the Royal Bengal Tigers, you can spot different species of mammals and reptiles.

Moreover, this jungle is home to vibrant butterflies and approximately 190 avifauna species. The jeep is open from all sides and allows you to catch the view from all directions quickly. However, you should follow the instructions of the forest department. Moreover, the guide will accompany you throughout the journey.

Experience Jeep Safari in Tadoba National Park

During your jungle safari, you will see creatures while enjoying the gypsy ride in Tadoba. Seeing tigers roaming closely in their habitat is one of the most thrilling adventures. The powerful engine and compact size of the jeep allow you to explore this forest’s narrow roads and depth.

Jeep safari is the ideal choice if you are an ardent nature admirer or a wildlife photographer. During the jeep ride, you can easily capture the sights of animals and flora. Further, you can enjoy bird watching while riding on the jeep in Tadoba.

The jeep provides a smooth ride and does not create a noise that can spoil the wild creatures. We should remember that the jungle is the house of animals, and we are the guests.

Canter Safari in Tadoba National Park

Canter Safari in Tadoba is a big van, open safari that will take you on a jungle tour with a large group. The canter is one mode in which 22 people can be accommodated simultaneously. Therefore, this shared safari is a cost-effective way to explore the national park.

Two experienced guides will accompany you in the canter and give accurate details about the diversity. You can make a booking online in advance for Moharli Zone. This safari is only available from this gate, which is considered one of the best places to enjoy wildlife.

Moharli Zone is one of the most visited as tourists have a higher chance of spotting wildlife attractions. Besides, a canter safari is ideal for exploring the deep jungle or enjoying a budget-friendly trip.

Experience Canter Safari in Tadoba National Park

Enjoying a wildlife tour with the canter in Tadoba is a fantastic experience. The minivan has enough space to add extra comfort and space to enjoy the sightings. Also, the height of the van adds value to your wildlife experience.

While riding in a canter, you can catch sight of tigers from far away, and your chances of spotting them and other animals increase. If you feel nervous and scared of tigers, Canter Safari is the best option in Tadoba. The van’s height gives you a secure feeling, and you can enjoy the wildlife tour with full enthusiasm. Even the ample space and bigger seats allow you to enjoy the wildlife tour at its best.

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Tatkal Safari in Tadoba National Park

Tatkal safari opens a gate of chance for those who plan a tour at the last minute to explore Tadoba. However, this safari is only available for core gates. Tatkal booking windows open at 8:00 a.m. before the three days of the safari day and close at 8:00 p.m. one day before the safari day.

Moreover, Tatkal bookings have no refund policy, and entry is not allowed after 2 hours of the scheduled time. Overall, you can enjoy the safari even if you plan to visit just a few days before. After completing your booking for the Tatkal safari, the rest of the fun is the same as the regular one.

List of Some other Wildlife Experiences

Indulging in adventure activities in Tadoba can make your safari experience extraordinary. Whether you’re planning a trip to Tadoba with friends or family, this national park has something for everyone. You can spend time at the adventure park, get a panoramic view from Machan, enjoy the cycling trail, etc.

Check out the details below to enhance your wildlife experience in Tadoba National Park.

Agarzari Adventure Park:

This park offers numerous activities, including rappelling, climbing, zip-lining, and zorbing. It is a must-visit if you are planning to visit with kids.

Location: Moharli Zone
Birding Machans
Observing the bird life from camouflaged Machan will take a special place in your heart.

Location: Moharli and Sitarampeth
Boating in Erai Backwater
Enjoying a boat ride on the calm water of Erai reservoir is a fascinating experience, as you can spot migratory birds and wildlife.

Location: Sitarampeth
Cycling Trail in Tadoba
It is one of the most desirable activities to combine with a safari experience. A 15-km guided ride through pristine nature in the buffer zone of Tadoba is outstanding.

Route: Agarzari – Adegaon – Devada
Walking Safari
A walk in the jungle with expert guides is a thrilling experience that boosts adrenaline.

Location: Agarzari
Night Safari
Night Safari is an incredible and challenging way to explore the jungle. You can have a 3-4 hour night safari in Tadoba with an experienced guide.

Location: Junona Gate

Tadoba is a popular hub that does justice with thrill, fun, and biodiversity. You can enjoy the jungle safari in multiple ways to enjoy the ecosystem’s enjoyment and charm. However, following the instructions and carrying the essential documents for safari is mandatory. And remember that booking an advance safari in Tadoba gives you a hassle-free holiday. Contact us to get wildlife tour packages for Tadoba for extra comfort and services. We provide customizable tour packages that you can design based on your preferences.

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