Top Attractions to Explore Near Nameri National Park

Are you planning a visit to Nameri National Park? Explore the popular places near the national park for a more memorable tour of India. 

One of the famous national parks in eastern India, Nameri National Park, is famous for elephants and other fauna species like tigers, leopards, sambars, and wild pigs. It is also a bird-watcher paradise. The best way to explore Nameri National Park is on a jungle safari. You can spot the wild animals and flora species that will leave you fascinated. 

After you have had your fun at Nameri National Park, go out and explore other beautiful places nearby. For instance, Nagaon is only 101 km away, famous for Kaziranga National Park. Then there is Itanagar, known for its Buddhist culture and scenic beauty. Guwahati houses the ancient temple of Kamakhya Devi, and Bomdila has beautiful apple orchards.

So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to learn more about the popular places near Nameri National Park below.

Top Places To Visit On Your Trip To Nameri National Park


Your Nagaon tour from Nameri National will be incomplete without a visit to Kaziranga National Park. Located 101 km from Nameri National Park, Nagaon is a charming place in North East India. The highlight of Nagaon is Kaziranga National Park, one of the best wildlife destinations in the world to see one-horned rhinoceros and other threatened and endangered species. Kaziranga has lush landscapes with woodlands and houses abundant exotic flora and fauna. 

Nagaon is also one of Assam’s most populous districts. Known as the “Rice Bowl of Assam,” Nagaon is a gorgeous place that welcomes bird watchers, kids, spiritually inclined tourists, and more. The Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary is also an important wildlife destination in Nagaon, famed for the great Indian one-horned rhino. Birdwatchers can visit Pokhi Tirtha to spot thousands of migratory birds. Bordowa is Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva’s birthplace, ideal for spiritual people, and kids can have fun at the Rockland Amusement Park for thrilling rides.


A place that blends nature and culture, Nalbari is a small town in Assam. It is a culturally and historically rich place, located 195 km from Nameri National Park. You can visit the famous temples here and marvel at the picturesque landscapes. Nalbari means ‘garden of reed’ and was kept by British railway engineers in 1800. One of the best places to visit in Nalbari is Billeswar Temple. The temple is over 500 years old, and many Hindu pilgrims visit here from across the country for Lord Krishna’s blessings. Also, pay homage at Shripur Dewalay Mandir, dedicated to Goddess Parvati. 

The Basudeb Devalay and Hari Mandir are other temples in Nalbari. Not just Hindu, but there is a Buddhist Temple 30 km from the town. If you love nature and birds, visit Sonkuriha to see migratory birds in winter. History buffs can flock to Fenguwa Rampart, a fort built between 1350 and 1365. Don’t miss out on shopping in a small village called Kakaya. North East India’s cottage industry is huge, so get your hands on Pat Muga sarees. 


Itanagar is one of the best places to visit on your trip to the Nameri National Park, Assam. Also known as the “Land of Dawn-lit Mountains,” Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Visit this bustling city to admire the best of nature’s beauty. The city is unblemished by the glitz and glamor of city life. Thus, you can have a peaceful time here. It is every nature lover’s dream and heaven for adventure seekers. The lush green landscapes of Itanagar offer multiple trekking trails, ideal for avid trekkers. In fact, ‘Itanagar-Pasighat’ is among the popular trails in the region.

In addition, if you are a curious culture seeker and wish to know more about North East India, Itanagar is among the top places. Some major festivals celebrated here include Losar, Mopin, Nyokum, and Reh. Attend them to learn more about the local traditions. And for food lovers, there are various delicacies to indulge in. Ensure to dig in dishes made with bamboo shoots, meat, and Yak cheese for the best gastronomical experience.


Plan a trip to Shillong, among the best places near Nameri National Park. It is located 281 km from the national park and offers a relaxing time amidst pine trees. Shillong is known for its breathtaking beauty and thus is fondly known as the “Scotland of the East.” This hill town is situated at 4,098 feet and offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia hills. Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong, was voted India’s Favorite Hill Station in 2016 by a leading global travel website. 

Shillong’s weather is pleasant, making exploring the hill town more pleasurable. Most tourists flock to Shillong because of its crystal clear lakes, charming golf courses, cozy cafes, and museums. Besides, Shillong is the way to other places in Meghalaya, like Cherrapunji and Mawlynnong. Some descendants of the Khyrim, Mallaisohmat, Mylliem, Mahara, Bhowal, and Langrim tribes also reside here. For the best cultural exploration, visit Shilling during the Wangala Festival and Behdienkhlam Festival.


Explore the best of Guwahati on a sightseeing tour. About 220 km from Nameri National Park, Guwahati is the gateway to North East India. It is also the capital city and the largest city of Assam. Not just this, Guwahati is North East India’s largest metropolis. As a result, the city is the most preferred staging point to visit other states in this region. Known for its laid-back ambiance, historical monuments, and ancient temples, Guwahati attracts thousands of tourists annually, especially leisure holidaymakers. 

Guwahati word is taken from two Assamese words – “Guwa” meaning Areca Nut and “Haat” means market. Hindu devotees visit Guwahati to seek blessings of Kamakhya Devi at Kamakhya Devi Temple, located atop Nilachal Hill. You can plan your trip to Guwahati during the Ambubachi Mela to get insights into the local culture and traditions. Other sacred temples of Guwahati are Umananda Temple and Navagraha Temple. Apart from this, enjoy a sunset cruise, shopping, traditional treats, nightclubs, and a drive on Saraighat Bridge.


Divided into the Old Bongaigaon and New Bongaigaon, this city has numerous tourist attractions. One of the best tourist places is near Nameri National Park, only 291 km. Bongaigaon has ancient temples, eco-parks, reserve forests, and more that engage tourists on holiday. One such attraction of Bongaigaon is Koya Kujia Bil, an eco-park. It is near Abhayapuri, about 15 km from the city center. You can spot exotic flora and fauna here, and migratory birds during winter. Bageshwari Temple is another ancient temple in the middle of the city. 

History buffs can check out Jogighopa and Pancharatna, two historical sites of Bongaigaon. Also, spot remnants of the Buddhist Stupa and other ruins of the Gupta temples. During medieval times, monks meditated here. Bageshwari Hill, the Kakoijana Reserve Forest, and the Kachugaon Game Reserve are other famous places to visit in Bongaigaon. For a picnic, don’t forget to visit the Aai River, from where you can view the border of Assam and Bhutan.


Adventure lovers must explore Bhalukpong, one of the best places in North East India. It is located near the Assam-Arunachal border, just 26 km from Nameri National Park. You will not be able to get over the scenic beauty of Bhalukpong. In addition, there are so many outdoor activities to indulge in that there is no dull moment. This serene hill town is also a paradise for nature lovers, as it is covered in lush greenery and has pleasant weather that makes the tour more enjoyable. 

Though adventure activities like trekking, angling, hiking, and river rafting are quite famous in Bhalukpong, it is also a must-visit place for culture seekers. The ‘Nyethidow Festival’ is celebrated in March, filling the entire valley with vibrancy. The orchid also blooms, enticing everyone with its stunning panoramas. Food is another highlight of Bhalukpong. It is influenced by Tibetan cuisine and, thus, contains food items like thukpa and flavored momos. In addition, food connoisseurs visiting Bhalukpong must dig in the rice dish cooked in hollowed bamboo tubes, a rustic tribal specialty.

Manas National Park

Another exciting wildlife destination near Nameri National Park is Manas National Park, about 244 km away. It is located in the core of Northeast India at the foothills of the Bhutan Himalayas. It is also one of India’s best biosphere reserves. The main highlight of Manas National Park is the elephant safari, which takes you into restricted areas where jeeps cannot go. In these deep areas, unfamiliar wildlife resides, and it is an unmatched experience that every wildlife enthusiast must take once.

Manas National Park was established to protect and preserve the Royal Bengal Tigers and elephants. This also earned it a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. Besides, the park sprawls at 500 sq. km and has Terra and Bhabhar grasslands with diverse flora and fauna. The last of the world’s Pygmy Hogs are seen only in Manas. Being a lesser-known national park, you will have a peaceful exploration time, a lifetime experience.


Witness the beauty of verdant forests, scenic trails, and fruit orchards in Bomdila. Offering pure bliss, Bomdila is ideal for spending time with loved ones in nature. Leisurely walks around the hill pathways, marveling at the nature views, picking fresh apples from the fruit farms, or relaxing on the hotel balcony with your favorite drink are some of the most magical moments you can experience in Bomdila. Undoubtedly, Bomdila is one of the popular places to visit on your trip to the Nameri National Park, situated 123 km away. 

For a cultural extravaganza, plan your Bomdila trip from Nameri National Park during the festivities, like Losar, which marks the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. It is one of the significant festivals of the region and is generally held in February end or early March. Also, Bomdila is highly influenced by Tibetan and Buddhist culture and, thus, is ideal for cultural seekers. 


Among the top places to visit near Nameri National Park is Majuli in Assam, about 228 km away. It is a lush green paradise, an eco-friendly, pollution-free freshwater island in the Brahmaputra River. It covers 1,250 sq. km and is the world’s largest river island. Thousands of tourists come here to seek the peace and beauty of nature. Majuli is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many tribes inhabit the island, and thus, the culture is rich here. “Raas” is a major festival celebrated on Majuli Island, which makes a trip here worth it.

The main tradition of Majuli is Neo Vaishnavite. It has about 22 Vaishnava Satras, a popular hotspot. The first satra was built by the father of Neo Vaishnavism, Sankaradeva. Satras are ancient repositories of cultural traditions like the “borgeet”. Apart from this, the Bihu Festival is a major festival where you can participate in Majuli for cultural insight.

Nameri National Park is a hidden gem and one of the lesser-known national parks in India. North East India has many tourist places like Guwahati, Nalbari, Majuli, and Shillong, with beautiful attractions and adventure activities. First, you can explore the Nameri National Park and then the popular places near Nameri National Park for a more memorable wildlife holiday in India. From nature to history to adventure, the places near Nameri National Park will offer you the best. To book a wildlife tour package, connect with our travel experts today.

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