Neighbouring Countries Vacation Packages

Embark on a Journey of Discovery in Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka

India’s neighboring countries offer a variety of cultures and landscapes, including Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. They share borders and stories, bridging history and diversity in a harmonious dance. These neighboring countries’ tours offer a world of travel experiences for every type of adventurer.

Tours by Country:

Nepal – The Himalayan Gem:

Discover the majestic Himalayas and serene valleys of Nepal. Our Nepal tours take you to iconic destinations like Kathmandu, Pokhara, and the Annapurna region, offering treks, cultural encounters, and natural beauty.

Bhutan – The Last Shangri-La:

Experience the preserved traditions and breathtaking landscapes of Bhutan. Our Bhutan tours introduce you to destinations like Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha, where you can explore ancient monasteries, fortresses, and vibrant festivals.

Neighbouring Countries Tours Packages


When is the best time to plan a vacation to these countries?

The ideal time for a vacation varies by region. Learn about the seasons for trekking in Nepal, cultural festivals in Bhutan, beach holidays in Sri Lanka, and more in our regional weather guide

How can I plan a family-friendly vacation to these countries?

India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka offer family-friendly destinations and activities. Check our family vacation guide for recommendations on suitable places, accommodations, and entertainment options for all ages.

How can I ensure a spiritual experience during my vacation in these countries?

Visit spiritual centers like Varanasi in India, the temples of Kathmandu in Nepal, Bhutanese monasteries, and sacred sites in Sri Lanka. Explore our spiritual guide for details on attending religious ceremonies.

Are there opportunities for wildlife experiences in Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka?

Encounter diverse flora and fauna in national parks like Chitwan in Nepal, and Yala in Sri Lanka. Our wildlife guide provides details on safaris and conservation efforts.

What are the unique cuisines to savor during a vacation in these countries?

elight your taste buds with regional specialties such as Indian curry, Nepalese momo, Bhutanese Ema Datshi, and Sri Lankan rice and curry. Explore our food guide for a culinary journey through the diverse flavors of each country.