Honeymoon Vacation Packages

India promises a honeymoon like no other. Picture a journey where each moment celebrates love, set against the backdrop of majestic palaces, historical wonders, and landscapes that take your breath away. We have meticulously crafted a selection of honeymoon tours that seamlessly blend romance, adventure, and the mesmerizing beauty of India.

Golden Triangle with Goa and Mumbai: A Classic Romance

Embark on a journey through the Golden Triangle, where the magic of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur converges with the sun-soaked beaches of Goa and the vibrant energy of Mumbai. Begin your visit amidst the vibrant streets of Delhi, where history whispers through every corner. Agra unveils the iconic Taj Mahal, a testament to eternal love, and Jaipur, the Pink City, opens its doors to historical wonders.

Wander through the colonial splendors of Mumbai, explore the ancient Elephanta Island, and let Goa’s white sandy beaches cast a tropical spell on your romance. From the historical tapestry of Delhi to the coastal breezes of Goa, this tour is a symphony of heritage and leisure.

Secret of Kerala: Nature’s Embrace

Kerala, a hidden gem in the south, reveals its secrets in an escapade tailored for nature lovers and honeymooners. Dive into the cool air and stunning views of Fort Cochin, lose yourselves in the greenery of Munnar, and embark on thrilling wildlife expeditions in Periyar National Park.

The highlight? A romantic stay aboard a traditional Kerala houseboat, gently gliding through serene backwaters. Feel the tropical vibe at Kovalam’s beaches and immerse yourselves in Kerala’s rich history, culture, and wellness therapies. This is not just a tour; it’s a sensory journey through the vibrant landscapes of Kerala.

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    FAQs about Honeymoon Packages

    Which are the most romantic destinations in India for a honeymoon?

    India has several romantic destinations, including the backwaters of Kerala, the palaces of Udaipur, and the serene beaches of Goa. These places offer the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon.

    What are the best times to plan a honeymoon in India?

    The best time for a honeymoon in India varies by location. Generally, October to March is ideal for most destinations, as the weather is pleasant.