Nagarhole National Park

Must-See Attractions To Visit On Your Trip To Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is an excellent wildlife destination, offering abundant flora and fauna to explore. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve in Karnataka. Along with Bandipur National Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, it forms a significant portion of South India’s largest wildlife protected areas.

However, there are other places to visit near Nagarhole National Park to make your trip memorable. Bangalore, Mysore, Wayanad, and Iruppu Falls are some of the best places near Nagarhole National Park. From waterfalls to cities, there are multiple places to explore near Nagarhole National Park, as it has something for every kind of tourist.

Keep reading to learn about places to visit near Nagarhole National Park to make your visit memorable.

Top Places To Visit On Your Nagarhole National Park Trip

Kabini Forest Reserve

Kabini, also known as the “Tiger Land,” houses over 250 bird species, 40 to 50 mammal species, and other animals. This wildlife location has herds of elephants, deer, wild boars, tigers, and leopards. Notable bird species include kingfishers, hornbills, larks, and trogons. If you are lucky, you can also get a chance to see the rarest Black Panther. Kabini Forest Reserve has the most diverse flora and fauna in the river reservoir near the Kabini Dam. As summer approaches, the water level recedes, inviting the animals onto the banks. 

This forest reserve is set on the edge of Rajiv Gandhi National Park or Nagarhole National Park and connects Nagarhole National Park and Bandipur National Park. It is also about 200 km from Bangalore, which has the nearest international airport. Earlier, it was a hunting lodge of the Mysore Kings, but in 1974, it was converted into a national park. 

Iruppu Falls

Located on the borders of the Wayanad district of Kerala, Iruppu Falls is one of the most popular places to visit on your trip to the Nagarhole National Park. It lies in the Brahmagiri Hill Range between Srimangala and Kutta and is called Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. Iruppu is a freshwater fall with alluring streams flowing down the hills. Nature lovers will enjoy the beauty of the location amidst the evergreen forest of the Western Ghats. There’s a Lord Shiva Temple to visit as well to seek blessings.

Iruppu Falls drops from 170 feet and catches the attention of every tourist with its thundering sound. Also, you can hear the chirping of birds and animals around in a peaceful environment. It is also a frequently visited picnic spot by families and couples. Adventure activities are also available, like trekking, but you must seek permission from the forest department first.

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Given the status of a wildlife sanctuary in 1973, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best places to visit on your trip to Nagarhole National Park. In 1991 and 1992, Muthanga was declared a part of Project Elephant to protect Asian elephants in India. This sanctuary comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere, and Muthanga shares a large portion of the Western Ghats as well as the Malabar Hills. 

The star attraction of this sanctuary is Elephants, along with other wild animals. But the sightings depend on your luck and are not guaranteed. Besides, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary has four ranges, of which Muthanga is one. It is majorly a rainforest and among the bio-rich areas in peninsular India. As for eco-tourism, the sanctuary has moist and dry deciduous trees and semi-evergreen forests.

Rameshwara Temple

Located at the foothills of the Brahmagiri, Rameshwara Temple is near the Iruppu Falls. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. As per the inscriptions dated 1841 AD, Lord Ram placed the Shivling in the Rameshwara Temple on his way home to Ayodhya from Lanka. Lord Ram’s wife, Goddess Sita, and his younger brother, Lord Lakshman, accompanied him.

Rameshwara Temple has shrines of Lord Ganesh, Goddess Parvati, and the Gandharvas (members of a class of celestial beings in Dharmic religions). Also, many devotees visit here during Shivratri, bathe in the Iruppu Falls, and gather at the temple. People believe that the prime deity, Lord Shiva, rids devotees of the sins they have committed. Besides, to reach the temple, you must trek from the Irupu Falls, which is 2 hours long through the forests. 


Due to its immense natural beauty, Coorg is known as “The Scotland of India.” Officially, Coorg is called Kodagu and is among the affluent hill stations in Karnataka. Nestled amid the imposing mountains of Karnataka, Coorg has a misty landscape that attracts many couples, families, and nature lovers. If you love coffee, visit the coffee plantations in Coorg, where the aroma of coffee will refresh your mood. 

Coorg is a charming hill station with greenery and streams flowing through it. It is also a great place to learn about the culture and people. Kodavas is a local clan of Coorg specializing in martial arts. They are known for their hospitality. You can witness the breathtaking scenery of spice and coffee plantations. Along with Coorg, you can cover towns like Virajpet, Somwarpet, and Pollibetta.


One of the top cities near Nagarhole National Park is Mysore or Mysuru. It is a beautiful city in Karnataka, famed for its prosperous history, culture, and heritage. Many tourists from around the world visit Mysore to get insights into the rich Indian past. Besides being beautiful, Mysore has many lush green parks, magnificent palaces, and ancient temples that are a must-visit on sightseeing tours. Mysore Palace stands out the most because of its exquisite architecture and grandeur. It is among India’s largest and most majestic palaces. 

For leisure, tourists visit Brindavan Gardens on the banks of the Kaveri River. It has beautiful fountains and lights. Some other famous attractions in Mysore include the Mysore Zoo, Chamundeshwari Temple, Folklore Museum, and Jayachamraja Wadiyar Art Gallery. Also, explore the local markets and check out the yoga and wellness centers. In addition, the city has a vibrant nightlife with many bars, clubs, and restaurants. 


The third largest city in India, Bangalore is among the top choices when it comes to places to visit near Nagarhole National Park. Also called “Garden City” or “Silicon Valley of India,” Bangalore is a tourist favorite due to its salubrious weather, lush parks, and numerous lakes. Also, the food of Bangalore is quite famous. Coffee shops, cafes, eateries, street food, and pubs are on every corner of Bangalore, serving Indian and international cuisines.

You can visit Cubbon Park and stroll through this 300-acre park. Go shopping at the malls or street markets or spend the evening relaxing in the botanical gardens of Lalbagh to understand why Bangalore is called the “Garden City.” Bangalore’s unprecedented growth in IT has made it the “IT Hub” of India. Bangalore has one of the biggest international airports, with direct and connecting flights to cities around the world.

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Every wildlife enthusiast coming to Nagarhole National Park must plan a visit to Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. It is one of the best sanctuaries in Coorg, ideal for a weekend retreat amidst nature. You can spot a diverse range of wildlife as well. The sanctuary is over 181 sq. km, and coffee and cardamom plantations encircle it. There are evergreen and semi-evergreen forests with different species of fauna you can spot. Some include mouse deer, jungle cat, barking deer, Malabar giant squirrel, spotted deer, elephant, lion-tailed macaque, etc. 

Further, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary offers fun and adventurous things to partake in, like trekking and wildlife safari. You can trek to the Brahmagiri Peak from Iruppu Falls. The trail covers many river streams and dense forests and is perfect for moderate-level trekkers. As for the safari, it gets you a close interaction with the wild animals. You can opt for an open jeep safari tour and experience the wilderness at its best.

Nagarhole National Park is an excellent place, but after having fun here, extend your trip to explore more of South Indian beauty. From wildlife sanctuaries to beautiful cities, there are many popular places to visit on your trip to the Nagarhole National Park, like Coog, Bangalore, Mysore, and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. Book the wildlife tour package with Indian Visit. If you still need clarification, connect with our travel experts today.

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