Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park, the oldest protected forest in Maharashtra, is a rainforest with mountainous terrains on its north and west sides and the clear, perennial Tadoba Lake in the middle. It used to be a little-known forest sporadically frequented by the few nature lovers seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience. However, recent tiger sightings and numbers have skyrocketed, and Tadoba National Park has established itself as one of the industry’s top destinations.

With some meadows and mixed dry woods, the dry deciduous forest in Tadoba National Park comprises teak and bamboo trees. This vegetation type is attributed to better visibility across the woods and, thus, good animal watching, especially during the dry months. In this arid terrain, some artificial water holes attract wildlife during the warmer months.

Quick Fact

The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary or Park was established in 1986 and had a total land area of 508.85 sq km. The buffer and fringe zones comprise the remaining area of this forest. This wonderful woodland is known as Tadoba Andhari since it is home to the most well-known and gorgeous Andhari River.

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    (March – June)

    In the summer season, the sky is brilliant, vivid blue, and visibility is good. However, if you venture outside in the evening, you will be satisfied by witnessing various animals and birds. Make sure you plan to tour the national park by taking a safari ride either early in the morning or in the evening. Multiple animals may be spotted around the national park, particularly near water bodies and birds sitting in the shade of the trees. One of the most significant times to see the Royal Bengal Tiger in Tadoba is in summer when it’s lazing by the lakes or skulking through the bushes.


    (July – September)

    Rainfall during the monsoon season ranges from average to heavy and typically starts in June and lasts through November. It’s one of the most significant times to see birds and tiny mammals since the rain makes the forest lush and verdant. With the numerous natural flowers blooming through the undergrowth and the small forest critters running about the woodland paths, the area does take on utter picture quality. Traveling and visiting the site may be challenging because the terrain becomes soggy and mushy.


    (October to March)

    During this season, Tadob, a Tiger Reserve, attracts ardent bird watchers. Bring enough winter clothing for your safaris because winter mornings can be chilly. One of the main attractions that make winter an excellent time to visit Tadoba Tiger Reserve is the lush flora unaffected by rain. Hence, winter is a lovely time to explore the forest, take pictures of the wildlife, and enjoy the climate. During the winter, Tadoba is a popular tourist destination, so reserving accommodations and safaris in advance may be necessary.


    Reaching Tadoba National Park via air is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways. The nearest airport is Dr. Babasaheb International, located in Nagpur at a distance of approximately 140 km from the park. This international airport serves as a good service for domestic and international flights. You can catch a flight from Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Raipur, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, and Kolkata to Nagpur. 
    Chandrapur Railway Station is located at a distance of 45 km from the tiger reserve. It is the closest railway junction if you plan your trip to Tadoba National Park by rail. Most important trains stop at this junction and help this junction connect with major cities and towns of the rest of the country. For example, Gorakhpur Yesvantpur Express, Delhi – Chennai main line, weekly express Rameswaram-Varanasi, and many other trains are some of the best that stop at this station. 
    The well-maintained connectivity allows tourists to reach Tadoba Tiger Reserve by road from the nearby cities. Chimur and Chandrapur are the two closest bus stands to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, which are 32 km and 45 km from the national park. You can reach these bus stands via state transport corporation buses from Nagpur. If you are traveling by your own vehicle, you can take the Hyderabad National Highway from Nagpur to Jab and take State Highway through Warora and Bhandak. 


    • Book your hotel, flights, or train tickets in advance for the best price.
    • Follow all the rules and instructions while enjoying the wildlife tour.
    • Remember to keep all the essential medicine, such as a camera, sunscreen, and water bottles.
    • Book your jungle safari in Tadoba National Park in advance to enjoy the trip hassle-free.
    • Do proper research about the gates and timing of the safari for a better experience.


    Tadoba National Park is famous for which animal?

    Tadoba National Park is famous for its huge tiger population. 

    Where is Tadoba National Park located?

    The Chandrapur district of India’s Maharashtra state is home to the Tadoba National Park. 

    Is Tadoba National Park open in monsoons?

    Tadoba is open throughout the year. However, the reserve has fewer forest permits during the monsoon season, which runs from July 1 to October 15. Therefore, in the event of heavy weather, some routes can also close during this time.