Tadoba National Park

Fact Sheet:

Location: Chandrapur District, Maharashtra, India

Area: 623 kilometers square

Nearest Airport: Nagpur airport

Nearest Town: Chandrapur

Safari: Boat ride, Motor launches or a 30-minute Elephant Ride

Entry Fee: 300 INR for International visitors and for Indian visitors is 25 INR

Best time to visit: October to June

Number of Fauna Species: 40 species of mammals, 160 kinds of butterflies and 54 varieties of reptiles

Number of Avifauna species: 320 avifauna species


Tadoba National Park, situated at a distance of 45 kms from Chandrapur is a large park bounded by lush green bounded forestland. It is one of the largest and oldest National Park located in Maharashtra. Spread across the wide area of 623sq.Kms in the area the park provides shelter to the a large number of tigers and also features a complete variety of unique Indian wildlife. It is also a paradise for ornithologist’s as its  wide landscapes inhabits a wide variety of raptors and aquatic bird life.

The major highlight of the park is the lake that traverses through this mixed deciduous forest and rolling hills. The Tadoba National Park is home to some of the rare Indian wildlife including Gaur, Wild Dogs, Hyenas, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Civet, Jungle cats along with many species of Indian deer like Barking deer, Nilgai, Sambar and cheetal.


The Tadoba National Park features a tropical climate. The temperature in this national park reaches very high during summers. During the monsoon season the park is expected to get heavy rainfall. Winters in Tadoba National Park are cooler and the temperature drops rapidly after monsoon season. The minimum temperature hovers around 32°C and maximum temperature experienced in the park is around 46°C.  December is the coldest part of the year.

Wildlife Mammals:

While exploring the park one can enjoy the sight of various wildlife at close quarters. Some of the most commonly spotted mammals in this wildlife are Jackal, Sambar, Indian Bison, Barking Deer, Blue Bull, Tiger, Leopard, Chausingha, Ratel, Flying Squirrel, Wild Boar, Sloth bear, Wild dog, Spotted Deer and Langur.

Flora in Tadoba National Park:

The flora present at the Todoba National Park is tropical dry deciduous and the features a thick belt of Teak trees.  The major trees found in this area include Ain, behada, Bor, Dhawada, Salai, Semal , Sisoo, Bhera, Mahua, Rohan and many more.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee for the foreign nationals is 300 INR while for Indian visitors is 25 INR. One needs to pay extra charges for camera use and vehicle entry.

Best Time to Visit:

The park remains open for the visitors all throughout the year. The best time to visit the exoticwildlife adventure in the Tadoba National Park is from the months of October to June.

How to Reach:

The Tadoba National Park lies at a short distance of 49 kilometers from Chanrapur. The best way to reach this national park is via Chandrapur. The nearest railway station to this park is located in Chandrapur and poses to be a major connecting point for visitors traveling via Nagpur. The nearest airport located to the Tadoba National Park is Nagpur, which is connected to all the major cities of India. After reaching Chandrapur one can hire a private taxi or a bus to reach Tadoba. There is a frequent bus service plying between Chandrapur and Mohali village.

General Tips:

Plan your trip to Tadoba National Park well in advance as the number of safaris is restricted.

It is recommended that you go on three to four safaris to fully see the park.

Accompany by a knowledgeable English Speaking Naturalist

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