Enchanting Places Near Tadoba National Park You Can’t Miss

Tadoba is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, which gives easy access to nearby attractions. These include national parks, forts, temples, and dams. Erai Dam, Moharli, Khosla Village, and Pench National Park are the prime attractions near Tadoba National Park.

After an enchanting tour at one of India’s most sought-after wildlife destinations, plan a trip to get insight into Maharashtra’s wildlife, heritage, and cultural delight. Sighting tigers, sloth bears, hyenas, wild dogs, and other wild animals in Tadoba National Park is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Travelers cherish it for as long as possible. But once it’s over, you can get immersive experiences by going into the cities and interacting with the locals. Many towns and hamlets near Tadoba Tiger Reserve possess numerous ancient temples and remnants of historic forts that will kindle your interest in India’s history. You can extend your trip and visit nearby touristy destinations to maximize your wildlife tour. Here is the list of top places to visit while exploring Tadoba National Park.

Here are the Popular Places to Visit on your Trip to Tadoba National Park

Tadoba Lake

A paradise for birdwatchers, Tadoba Lake is located inside Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. Around 200 species of birds, including white-eyed buzzard, paradise flycatcher, Indian roller, and India Pitta, hover around Tadoba Lake. It acts as a buffer between the forest of the park and the farmland that extends up to the Irai water reservoir. Not to mention, Tadoba Lake is the eternal water source, providing a home to the Mugger crocodiles. Three endangered bird species are the Crested Serpent Eagle, the Grey-headed Fish Eagle, the Changeable Hawk Eagle, and 195 other species found in Tadoba National Park.


Moharli is a village whose border also serves as an entry gate for the Moharli zone in the national park. You can enjoy a wildlife safari from Moharli Gate. It allows entry of nine vehicles each morning and evening for tiger safari. The gate is famous for tiger sightings and unique species. Thus, this is the most visited by tourists. You can witness a tiger on a jeep safari, which is unparalleled. That is why Moharli is among India’s primary wildlife and biosphere reserves.

Moreover, Moharli Gate gives access to most of the tourists in the area, which has yet to be fully discovered. Also, Tadoba National Park has a massive tiger reserve area. Therefore, the gates are interconnected, and finding one another is relatively easy.


Another village near Tadoba National Park, which is by far the latest national park in the country, is Khosla. It is located in the district of Chandrapur near Tadoba and has been given the name ‘Jewel of Vidarbha.’’ The park is over 1,727 square kilometers and houses wild animals and plants. The best time to visit Khosla is during winter, as the weather is pleasant, and travelers can enjoy the greenery and the fresh scent of the mud. To reach here the nearest airport is located in Nagpur, and the nearest railway station is in Chandrapur, about 50 km away. Cabs and buses are also available.

Erai (Irai) Dam

An earthfill and a gravity dam constructed on the Ira River, Erai Dam, is located in Chandrapur, Maharashtra. It is one of the best places to visit near Tadoba National Park due to its beautiful sight. The height of Erai Dam above the lowest foundation is 30 meters, while the length is 1,620 m. Further, the dam’s water storage capacity is 226,500 cubic kilometers, and the volume content is 985 cubic kilometers.

Navegaon National Park

Navegaon National Park is around 193 km from Tadoba National Park. This park is a must-visit for wildlife lovers. Covering an area of 133.88 square kilometers, Navegaon National Park is located in the Bhandara (Gondia) district of the state of Maharashtra. Notably, the neighboring area comes under Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, which houses almost 60% of the bird species found in the entire state of Maharashtra. Every year in winter, migratory birds visit Navegaon Lake, which is a sight to behold.

The best way to enjoy your time in Navegaon National Park is by staying in the tree-top house and sailing in a boat in the Navegaon Lake. Gondia is among the famous resorts in the Vidarbha region, established in the 18th century. This wildlife park has a deer park, three landscaped gardens, and an aviary. The watch towers inside this national park are so high that they give the tourists a great view of the entire region. The primary vegetation inside Navegaon National Park will be the southern mixed dry deciduous type, comprising Teak, Haldu, Kawat, Mahua, Jamun, Ain, Bhel & Bhor trees.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

Declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1970, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a preserved oasis in Maharashtra. It is an important region from a biodiversity conservation point of view. This wildlife sanctuary is encapsulated in the lap of nature. Thus, it offers scenic views of lush vegetation. The total area of this sanctuary is around 152.81 square kilometers, and it is situated in the Bhandara and Gondia District of Maharashtra. Many endangered species reside inside the sanctuary, including jackals, palm civets, small Indian civets, panthers, and flying squirrels. Also, a significant number of eagles, drongos, ground thrushes, and grey-headed fish eagles are found at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pench National Park

Home to rocky trails, wooded hills, pristine rivers, and gushing streams, Pench National Park is one of the best places to visit near Tadoba National Park, which is around 220 km away. It is so extensive that it lengthens into Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra states. There are more than 300 varied species of flora and fauna in this national park that attracts many wildlife lovers from around the world. Flocks of resident and migratory birds also reside here. Pench National Park is located in the Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh. The beauty of this park is so mesmerizing that it sparked one of the best creations of Rudyard Kipling – The Jungle Book. Visitors can see the renowned Royal Bengal Tiger at India’s finest sanctuary, Pench Tiger Reserve.


Sevagram is known for being the headquarters of Mahatma Gandhi and different experiments from 1934 to 1940. Mahatma Gandhi, also known as “Bapu,” lived as a local villager without electricity or telephone. Gandhi built this ashram in Sevagram with materials available in the locality. On your visit, you will see the kitchen of Bapu. Many residences have been constructed inside the ashram. The first is Adi Nivas, which was built and used as a prayer ground.

Another hut is Akhiri Nivas (Last Residence), where Mahatma Gandhi spent a few days before leaving Noakhali and has yet to return. Next is Parchure Kuti, the hut of Shri Parchure, a Sanskrit scholar and a construction worker. Mahadev Kuti was the home of Gandhi’s secretary, Mahadev Desai. Kishor Nivas was the residence of Kishorlal Mashruwala. It was the only hut built with brick and cement. Lastly, there is Rustom Bhavan, a guest house with four rooms. So tourists who visit Tadoba National Park must visit Sevagram as it is one of the best tourist places located 110 km from the national park.

Mahakali Mandir in Chandrapur

After covering 30 km from Tadoba National Park, you will reach Mahakali Mandir. The temple is located near the Zarpat River and is among Chandrapur’s most important religious places. Mahakali Temple has two doorways; one is near the Lord Hanuman’s shrine, and the other with the shrines of Ganesha and Shani. The temple is believed to be built in the 16th century by Dhondiya Ram Sah of the Gond Dynasty. Tuesday and Saturday are the auspicious days of the week when the temple gets filled with devotees. Celebrations held during Lord Hanuman Jayanti see hundreds of tourists and devotees visiting from nearby towns to join the festivities. Devotees reach the sanctum sanctorum through a tunnel, which houses the idol of the goddess in a reclining form.

Chandrapur Fort

Chandrapur Fort, located 38 km from Tadoba National Park, is an impressive fort with an ancient history that goes back to the Gond Dynasty. This fort has a massive stone structure adorned with detailed wall carvings. People say Dhondhiya Ram Sah, the Gond King, built it.

Moreover, the magnificent Achaleshwar Temple stands inside the Chandrapur Fort complex, along with two smaller shrines. The prime attraction of the fort is the mausoleums built for the Gond Kings next to the temple. Visit the mausoleum of King Veer Sah, whose Queen, Rani Hirai, ruled around 1704. So, this mausoleum was built in the memory of her husband.

With this list of popular places to visit near Tadoba National Park, enjoy a wonderful tour after your wildlife safari in Tadoba. There are plenty of places near Tadoba National Park, from forts to temples. To make your trip as comfortable and memorable as possible, Indian Visit offers bespoke holidays that will fill your heart with joy and your vacation with unforgettable memories.

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