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India's expansive border stretches from the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala on one end and from the arid landscape of Thar Desert to the rugged terrains of Arunachal Pradesh on the other. The vibrant country showcases a splendid fusion of traditions, cultures, festivals, architecture, and landscapes. One here, we are sure that you will already plan your next trip even before leaving the shores. The country has an abundance of attractions and this detailed India Travel Guide gives detailed insight into each and everything that you want to know.

Dotted with architectural marvels, India is a place where you can experience the magnificent beauty of the bygone era. The ancient temples in Khajuraho, rock-cut caves in Aurangabad, exquisite forts in Rajasthan, unexplored Havelis is Shekhawati, serene monasteries in northeast and other remnants are few of the gems in the crown of India. You can look out for 'Big Cats' during enthralling wildlife tours in Ranthambore, take a dip in the hot springs in Himachal and soak in the beauty of an enchanting waterfall in Goa. Romantic walks along the beaches in the Andaman, exhilarating high altitude trek in Ladakh or simply basking in the spiritual bliss in Uttarakhand is also on the list.

Get a soulful experience of traveling in India by exploring the splendors of nature that dot the landscape of the country. Soak-in the exquisiteness of cultural and heritage walks and Golden Triangle tours. India boasts of some of the best honeymoon destinations like Kerala and Udaipur. Immerse yourself into a lifetime experience by choosing from a wide range of honeymoon packages that make your honeymoon last forever. You can get all the India travel information here including various tour packages.

Any trip to India is incomplete without savoring delicious delicacies that the country offers. Indian cuisines include a wide variety of sumptuous regional dishes. Here, food is profoundly influenced by religious and cultural choices. The country is known for its tempting array of street foods. Every place has its traditional ways of preparing and presenting the food. Try the tantalizing food of India and its will linger in your mouth for long.

India is also famous for its spiritual beliefs and this is one of the aspects that lures people from worldwide. India has a long-lasting colorful religious history and it owns an array of sacred sites. Take your pick from the pilgrimage tour packages to embark on a sacred sojourn to holy Char Dhams, 12 Jyotirlingas or several ancient temples, monasteries and holy cities in India. India is a land of vibrant culture and the festivals are an imperative part of the traditions. Be it a devotional celebration, religious events or a simple harvesting season, people celebrate everything here. You can find all the travel info for India here and opt for the package that best suits your interest.

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India is a geographically a diverse country which receives guests throughout the year. However, the best time to visit India depends upon your preference for the places where you want to want to spend your holidays.

Ideally, the peak tourist season in India is from October to March. These months mark the winter season in India and feature pleasant climate with moderate temperatures. On the other hand, summer in India starts from April and continue till June. Weather can become unbearably hot. The monsoon drenches the entire country from June to September.

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