Safari Experience in Satpura National Park: Encounter Flora & Fauna

Explore the wilderness of Satpura by taking thrilling jungle safari rides. This park is renowned as the land of rich biodiversity in Madhya Pradesh. Its diverse flora and fauna attract wildlife lovers from all over the world. You can cover the depth and width of this national park by enjoying a safari in Satpura National Park. Madhai Gate and Panaarpani Gate are two popular gates for enjoying the safari in Satpura National Park. You can enjoy the true essence of a jungle tour by embarking on a jungle safari. Various types of safari in Satpura offer a visual feast for wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers.

During your jungle safari tour, you can spot the wild animals in their natural habitat, including leopards, Indian bison, wild boar, and sloth bear. However, this national park is heavenly for nature and bird lovers. Therefore, boat safari and elephant safari are operated there to give you an opportunity to enjoy birdwatching and nature beauty. Apart from that, there are some more safaris that you can try and explore this jungle from different perspectives. Check out this blog and learn about each safari of Satpura National Park and what you can expect from each one.

Types of Safaris in Satpura National Park

  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
  • Boat Safari
  • Nature Walk Safari
  • Churna Safari

Jeep Safari

Exploring raw nature with an open jeep safari is the ultimate experience of Satpura National Park. While enjoying this safari, you can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger, one of the prime attractions of this national park. However, Jeep Safari is considered the ideal way to spot various flora and fauna and enjoy wildlife photography. This ride in the wilderness will give you a thrill and charm that will amaze you with every turn. The six-seater open vehicle runs in two shifts – morning and evening. In addition, the ride duration would be around 3 hours in the jungle. However, you can choose the full-day Jeep safari tour inside Satpura National Park.

Why opt for Jeep Safari in Satpura National Park 

  • Jeep does not produce loud noise that neither disturbs the wild animals nor ruins your wildlife tour.
  • Jeep is considered the safest mode of jungle excursion due to its high speed.
  • You can enjoy the jungle vistas through Jeep Safari while sitting on comfortable seats that give a sense of luxury amidst natural beauty.
  • Due to the jeep’s high speed, you can cover most parts of the jungle in less time.

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Elephant Safari

Sitting on the back of an elephant and exploring the jungle is an exciting ride in Satpura. Observing this national park’s natural beauty gives you a unique experience and perspective. An expert guide will accompany you on this ride to give you insightful knowledge about the biodiversity of this jungle. Being one of the unique safaris, it has become a must-do activity to enjoy in Satpura. Spotting tigers on elephants becomes easy; this ride lets you get a close view of nature. You will have to get permission from the forest department for this safari. But each second has its worth, which you can feel throughout your safari ride. With elephant safari in Satpura National Park, you can explore the depth of the jungle for around 2 hours in two shifts: morning and evening.

Why opt for Elephant Safari in Satpura National Park

  • Elephant Safari is ideal for bird watching as it provides exploration in a calm ambiance.
  • You can explore the depth of the forest where jeeps are not accessible due to the rough road conditions.
  • The height of this giant creature gives you the perfect view of the jungle to observe.

Boat Safari

You can enjoy a boat Safari in Satpura National Park in addition to the jungle safari experience in Satpura National Park. The forest department operates this activity in Denwa River by looking at the water level. This river is considered the major attraction and also a jungle’s lifeblood. And through this boat safari, you will have the opportunity to admire the hills and woods of Satpura.

Moreover, this safari ride will let you observe the crocodiles, various species of birds, and other wild animals that come near the river to drink water. However, an experienced forest guide must accompany you throughout your boat safari to give you insight into the biodiversity of this jungle. Observing the view from this boat safari is just a phenomenal experience you should enjoy. Moreover, you can also enjoy canoeing in the backwaters of this park, and various resorts near the lake operate the safari for you.

Why opt Boat Safari in Satpura National Park

  • This unique safari gives you a better outcome of Satpura’s wildlife.
  • You can enjoy crocodile sightings closely, adding thrill to this relaxing activity.
  • It is one of the relaxing safaris that gives you commendable views of this national park.

Nature Walk Safari

Walking amidst nature while feeling the thrill is one of the most exciting things to do in Satpura. Nature walking will truly allow you to understand the essence of the jungle vibe. Nature Walk Safari is one of the unique kinds of safari that you can enjoy in this national park. During this safari, you can walk through deep sal and teak forests and cross beautiful meadows.

Apart from that, you will cover Tawa Reservoir’s banks, past ravines, and seasonal streams by taking this walking safari. The sounds of dry leaves and birds chirping would become a visual and musical feast for your senses. You can also stop at some places to click pictures while exploring this jungle.

Why opt for Nature Walk Safari in Satpura National Park

  • You will get a chance to interact with local people and know their lifestyle.
  • You can add activities, such as cycling, to cover the buffer zones of the jungle, along with a jungle guide.
  • There are several trekking trails near the jungle that you can enjoy along with your walking safari.

Churna Safari

Churna Forest is located in the core zone of Satpura National Park and covers the western regions. You can enjoy this safari through two gates: Madhai and Bhimkund. This safari has a high chance of spotting the tiger as it is part of a critical tiger habitat. Hence, it is a popular safari amongst wildlife photographers, nature admirers, and jungle enthusiasts.

You can enjoy a full-day safari to get the best of what this national park offers in terms of adventure, beauty, and tranquility. Therefore, it is advised to carry your lunch, water bottle, and other essentials while enjoying this safari tour. This safari would be a fantastic experience that lets you visit tourist attractions inside the Satpura Tiger Reserve, including Dodalpani, Gutti Baba temple, and Churna Rest House.

Why Opt for Churna Safari in Satpura National Park

  • Chances of tiger sightings are higher with this safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve.
  • You can enter from both gates for Churna Forest Safari and stay near the jungle, as there are several resorts.
  • This forest shelters numerous bird species that can enhance your bird-watching experience.

Which Safari Would you choose in Satpura National Park?

Satpura National Park offers various kinds of safari, each offering a different experience. All these safaris are operated for a particular time of the year, from October to June. So the summer season for jeep safari is preferable for those who are more inclined towards experiencing the wilderness and willing to enjoy tiger sightings. On top of that, Boat safari, elephant safari, and nature walk safari are for those who want to spend some thrilling time amidst nature with a unique experience. You can choose multiple safaris to get the best out of this wildlife holiday. However, choosing our fully customizable tour packages to add different safari and other facilities would be better for a hassle-free trip.

Safari Booking Process in Satpura National Park

Contact our tour experts to book your safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve. However, we will require your documents and information to do so. Moreover, your traveling preferences will give you a remarkable tour in Madhya Pradesh. Our wildlife tour packages include safari ride fees, meals, resorts, stays near the jungle, and transfers to make your ride comfortable and memorable. So, contact our tour experts and plan your wildlife tour in Madhya Pradesh like never before.

Factors Affecting Satpura National Park Safari Booking

Selecting a jungle safari in Satpura can be challenging and confusing, even if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a nature admirer. But the main thing is that you can clarify the confusion by looking at the factors that matter while booking a safari tour in Satpura National Park.

Price: We know costs are subject to change, and each safari has no fixed price. However, the jeep safari is one of the ideal choices to cover the jungle and is also considered costly. Moreover, if you plan a full-day tour in the jeep, it will cost you double. Whereas elephant and boat safaris are economical safaris in this park. And for those looking for a nature walk safari, you need to pay the charges for a tourist guide.

Time Constraint: Jeep is an ideal choice to cover more jungle in less time, thanks to its high speed. A jungle safari with a jeep can be enjoyed in 2.5 hours, and a full-day tour is also available with a jeep. At the same time, the Boat safari has a perfect fixed time of around 2 hours. And if you choose an elephant safari, it might be slow and last about 1 hour. But each second is worthwhile and commendable.

Experience: One of the integral aspects that almost clears all the confusion regarding the selection of safari tours. Each safari has a different tone to enjoy the jungle vibe. Some offer a refreshing environment, and some are more thrilled. But some safari tours offer a mix of both with a perfect balance. For example, a jeep safari is more about giving you a comfortable and thrilling trip. At the same time, the elephant provides you with a relaxing and exciting vibe for exploration. Nature walks, and boat safaris are experiences that surely deserve a place on your bucket list.

Final Words

Safari experiences in Satpura National Park show how to enjoy the jungle vibe amidst abundant nature. Now you have a clear picture in your mind about the jungle safari experiences of Satpura that you can choose for your wildlife explorations. Each safari offers a different experience with several other aspects regarding time duration and paths. You can choose any of them by booking a wildlife tour of Satpura with us. We provide fully customizable tours that include safari rides, stays, meals, and transfers to make this tour more enjoyable and comfortable. So, contact us and book your Satpura safari tour with us for a remarkable and thrilling trip.

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