Interesting Facts About Satpura National Park

Tucked away in the Satpura Range of Hoshangabad, Satpura National Park is one of the best wildlife destinations in India. The park has been mentioned in mythological tales and has received accolades on ‘best wildlife destinations’. For more interesting facts about Satpura National Park, keep reading this post.

Satpura range has the only hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Teeming with rich flora and fauna has put it on the radar of many nature and wildlife enthusiasts. It is also a tremendously adventurous location for adults and kids. Also, you don’t need to be a wildlife enthusiast to visit this place as it is excellent for explorers too.

Satpura National Park comes under Satpura Tiger Reserve and other sanctuaries, which will be discussed further.

Once you visit this location, the beauty of verdant jungles and wilderness will captivate you.

The best way to enjoy time at Satpura National Park is by taking boat rides, jungle safaris, trekking, etc. Photography is a great option too. Indian bison, wild boar, sloth bear, and leopard are the main animals to be seen here.

As you explore the national park, you will find rugged landscapes with sandstone peaks, ravines, and dense forests. The sighting of unique flora and fauna, including mammals, birds, reptiles, plants, etc., long awaits you! Before you plan a tour, here are some interesting Satpura National Park facts you must know for an exciting tour.

Here Are 10 Interesting Facts About Satpura National Park

Dr. Salim Ali Was The First to Introduce The Park 

Sálim Moizuddin Abdul Ali, or Dr. Salim Ali is a famous Indian ornithologist and naturalist. He is sometimes also called the “Birdman of India.” Not just this, but Dr. Salim Ali was also the first Indian to perform systematic bird surveys across the country. He also wrote many bird-related books. In addition, Dr. Salim introduced the Satpura National Park in 1981.

The park covers 1427 square kilometers by adjoining Bori Sanctuary, 486 square kilometers, and Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary, 417 square kilometers, making a central highland ecosystem in India. In 1999, the park was added to Tiger Project Network and became Bodi-Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Satpura Means Seven Folds

Satpura Tiger Reserve has an environment that stands out by its extreme natural beauty. It also displays the significance of tourism in this place. Satpura means “Seven Folds,” which forms a watershed between Tapti and Narmada rivers in a triangular shape.

Not just this, it is the most ancient forest reserve with a great tradition of scientific management of forests. Also, you can witness 26 species of the Himalayan region and 42 of the Nilgiri region in Satpura Tiger Reserve, also known as the northern extremity of Western Ghats.

Mythology Behind Satpura Hills

There’s an interesting mythological story behind Satpura Hills. People say that in Treta Yuga (yuga is used to indicate an age of time in Hinduism, so treta yuga is the second in this cycle), Lord Rama came to Satpura Hills during his 14 years of exile and spent 11 years here only.

Another mythological place is Shabri Dhama, which is believed to be where the Bill woman Shabri was waiting for Lord Rama. She met Him here along with His younger brother Laxman. Lords ate the berries that Shabri offered, and now there’s a temple in her name called Shabri Dham Temple.

The Park Remains Closed For A Certain Period

Due to lush green jungles, Satpura National Park receives heavy rainfall during monsoon months. Therefore, the national park remains closed between 16th June and 30th September (this date can vary each year, so check before you plan your wildlife tour). But if you love rainy weather, you must visit this picturesque location.

Temperature drops and remains humid. You can witness breathtaking vistas and capture the beautiful shades of green. The Saputara Monsoon Festival is an annual event you can attend, celebrated by Gujarat Tourism to promote Satpura as a hill resort. Explore the culture, heritage, and nature through the festival.

Satpura National Park Won A Wildlife Tourism Award

According to the reports, in 2010, Satpura National Park won the TOFT (Travel Operators for Tigers) Wildlife Tourism Award for being the “most visitor-friendly” wildlife destination. In addition, as per the information given by the Madhya Pradesh Public Relations Department on 1st March 2023, Satpura National Park has also received India Today’s Editor’s Choice Award in the Best Wildlife Destination category.

The Union Minister of State for Culture and Parliamentary Affairs, Arjun Ram Meghwal, gave the award at the India Today Tourism Summit and Awards ceremony in New Delhi. This award will now inspire further work on developing more tourist facilities in Satpura National Park.

Satpura Is A Sanskrit Word

Satpura is taken from the Satpura Range. “Sat” means seven, and “Pura” means mountains. Captain James Forsyth of Bengal Lancers was the first to explore these ranges in 1862. During this time, he was searching for Indian Freedom Fighter Tatya Tope.

Besides, Satpura National Park is among India’s first declared Reserved Forest Areas because of its ecological and commercial value. Moreover, it was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2000; thus, it is also known as Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR).

Artist Village Is The Cultural Hub Of The Region

One of the best places for cultural and traditional insight, Artist Village, is located near Satpura. It is not just a tourist attraction but also a learning center. There is a lot of tribal art to see and even try. Kids will love this place. Two people – Chandrakanth Parmar and Surya Goswamy – take care of the Artist Village. You can also buy traditional and tribal artifacts here, like Warli paintings.

More Than 14,000 Plant Varieties Are Found in Botanical Garden

There are many green gardens located near Satpura National Park. One is the Botanical Garden, with more than 14,000 varieties scattered around the forest. It is set on 24 hectares of land and is an ideal visit for nature lovers as they can walk around and enjoy the pristine beauty of this palace.

Another one is the Rose Garden, which has a huge variety of fragrant roses. Lake Garden is located on the banks of Satpura Lake and offers a view of a variety of multi-hued flowers. Lastly, Step Garden is famous for its arrangement of flowers, which catches visitors’ eyes.

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The Park Has Amazing Sunset And Sunrises Point

Witness the most breathtaking sunrise from Sunrise Point in Satpura National Park. It is located high in the hills and is called Valley View Point. To reach here, you have to trek early in the morning or take the ropeway. Both have their pros and cons.

Once reached, the panoramic views of the Satpura hills will leave you mesmerized. On the other hand, Sunset Point is also called Gandhi Shikar. You can take the ropeway to reach here from Vaity Ropeway Resort. It also has become a favorite spot because of the serene views of the hills.

Beautiful Waterfalls Surround Satpura 

Two stunning waterfalls are located near Satpura hills. Gira Falls drops from a height of 30 m to Ambika River and is an amazing place to spend time with loved ones. It is 3 km from the Waghai town of Satpura and originates from the Kapri tributary.

Visit between June and November for the best experience. Another waterfall is Girmal Falls, one of Satpura’s best waterfalls. It is about 85 km from the national park and comes to life during monsoons. Also, you can spot various flora species around the Girmal Fall.

Satpura National Park is not just any national park but is a treasure trove of myths, villages, waterfalls, viewpoints, and more. There is much to explore and experience on your Satpura National Park tour. So why wait?

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