Kanak Island

Kanak Island

Kanak Island is one of the sanctuary beaches where one can find the Olive Ridley Turtles in Sunderbans. The turtles travel the long distance from far from deep water and reach the shallow coastal waters. On reaching the shallow water of the Kanak Island it is time for the turtles to breed. The Kanak Sanctuary are thought to travel upriver for more than 100 km from the mouth of the sea mouth to reach the Sunderbans. It is a bellied place in Sunderbans to all kind of travelers for the presence of the rare Olive Ridley Tortoise. This is majorly a flourishing site for the turtles in the shallow waters and beaches of the Sunderbans. The Ridley turtles approach the Kanak Island only during the engendering season. The visitors can experience the amazing sight of the turtles breeding there.

The nesting season of the Ridley Kanak Island starts in the month of December and lasts till the end of March. During this time, the scene is like a sea of turtles flocking the Kanak Island mainly to breed.

Olive Ridley turtles are one of the tiny sea turtles and are considered an endangered species. Hence, they have been protected. Olive Ridley Turtles at Kanak sanctuary are renowned for their exclusivity of breeding in large numbers, where more than a thousand female turtles lay eggs on the beach.

During your trip to Kanak Island, you will get to see a beautiful sight is perhaps situated a few islands away in Kanak Island. When you visit the place, the surroundings will make you feel like appreciating the wildlife a lot more as you watch the new hatchlings coming out of the eggs and running into the sea one by one. It is a satisfying experience seeing the newborn swimming their way into the deep sea. You can plan an entire day’s trip to the amazing Kanak Island and enjoy the beach and the attractive island of the Sunderbans National Park.

How to reach Kanak Sanctuary

Kanak is a sanctuary beach where Olive Ridley Turtles takes shelter. Tourists can reach here from the boats which commence daily from Sunderbans

Best time to visit Kanak Sanctuary

The perfect time to visit Kanak Island is from January to march this is the time when temperatures are fairly cooler. However, the months from April to August can be avoided as from April to June it becomes very hot and humid. And in the months of July and August, the region becomes very treacherous because of the rain. Then again starting from September until December it is considered a good time to travel.

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