Kanha National Park is an enchanting haven of biodiversity, where emerald jungles cradle ancient tales and majestic tigers roam freely. Immerse in the symphony of nature, where every rustle whispers a story waiting to be heard.

Kanha National Park is located in the heart of India, home to lush landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and rich biodiversity. Home to the majestic Bengal tiger, this enchanting wilderness unfolds tales of history at the Kanha Fort. Embark on enthralling safaris in the Kisli Zone, where wildlife congregates near water sources during the summer. Explore avian wonders through bird watching and embrace nature’s beauty with guided walks. Kanha Utsav in March and Maha Shivaratri celebrations add cultural vibrancy to the surroundings. Relish local cuisines like Lai Saag and immerse in the festivities of Baisakhi. From responsible tourism practices to the allure of tribal artifacts, Kanha promises an immersive blend of adventure, history, and natural wonders, making it a must-visit destination for every nature enthusiast.

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    Jungle Safari

    Jungle Safari

    Explore the Kisli Zone, known for diverse wildlife, including the majestic Bengal tiger, for an enthralling safari adventure. This ride will let you explore the depth of jungle and give you a better insight into wilderness, 

    Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Discover avian diversity amidst pristine landscapes, enhancing your travel experience amidst the jungle. This is one of the best aspects of wildlife explorations in Kanha for a great travel experience.

    Nature Walks

    Nature Walks

    Immerse yourself in Kanha’s natural beauty with guided walks, gaining insights into the region’s flora and fauna, creating lasting memories.Enjoy the refreshing environment by taking a natural walk in Kanha. 



    (April to June)

    Despite the heat, Kanha National Park’s summer is prime for wildlife enthusiasts. As the temperature rises, animals gather near water sources, offering thrilling safari experiences. The lush landscapes and increased wildlife activity make it an exciting time for nature exploration.


    (July to September)

    Transforming into a lush haven, Kanha experiences monsoon from July to September. While occasional heavy rainfall occurs, it adds to the park’s scenic beauty.



    (October to March)

    Kanha’s winter, from November to February, boasts cool temperatures that enhance wildlife sightings. The crisp air creates an idyllic atmosphere, providing nature enthusiasts with optimal conditions to observe and appreciate the diverse fauna in the park.


    Kanha is well-connected with rest of the India through various modes including by air, rail, and road.

    The nearest airport to Kanha is Jabalpur Airport, approximately 164 km away. Well-connected domestically, this airport facilitates swift access for visitors. From Jabalpur, one can hire taxis or use other available transportation options to reach the park.
    For rail travel, Umaria Railway Station, 35 km from Kanha, is the nearest hub. Trains from major cities provide scenic and comfortable journeys. Upon arrival at Umaria, taxis or buses are readily available for the onward journey to Kanha National Park.
    Kanha enjoys excellent road connectivity, with state-run and private buses navigating the route regularly. Alternatively, travelers can embark on a picturesque road trip, relishing the landscapes at their own pace.

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    How do I reach Kanha National Park by air?

    The nearest airport to Kanha is Jabalpur Airport, approximately 164 km away. It is well-connected domestically, providing a convenient option for air travel. From Jabalpur, visitors can hire taxis or use other available transportation options to reach the park.

    What experiences can I enjoy in Kanha National Park?

    Visitors can engage in a variety of experiences, including jungle safaris to explore diverse wildlife, bird watching to discover avian diversity, guided nature walks to immerse in the park’s natural beauty, and unique activities like tiger tracking and photography safaris.

    Are there any cultural festivals celebrated in Kanha National Park?

    Yes, the Bandhavgarh Utsav celebrated in March highlights the region’s cultural heritage through traditional dances, music, and tribal art. Additionally, Maha Shivaratri and Baisakhi festivals are observed, adding vibrancy to the natural surroundings and offering a festive atmosphere.