Trivandrum has a historical heritage, from ancient dynasties to British colonial influence. With a blend of tradition and modernity, Trivandrum offers a peaceful escape. It’s renowned for its cultural contributions and lush landscapes and as a gateway to exploring the diverse beauty.

Trivandrum, officially known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital city of Kerala. This lively city is renowned for its exquisite cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and tranquil beaches, making it a captivating destination for travelers. Nestled in southwestern India, Thiruvananthapuram offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. The city is not only Kerala’s political and administrative center but also a hub of art, culture, and education. With its lush greenery, historic sites, and welcoming locals, Trivandrum promises a memorable travel experience. In addition to its cultural allure, Trivandrum boasts a natural beauty that includes pristine beaches, lush backwaters, and scenic hills. The city’s picturesque landscapes and serene surroundings make it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts.

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    Explore Temples

    Explore Temples

    Trivandrum is home to a variety of temples, each with its unique charm and spiritual significance. Besides the Padmanabhaswamy Temple, you can explore the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, Karikkakom Chamundi Devi Temple, and more.

    Beach Retreats

    Beach Retreats

    Relax on the beautiful beaches of Trivandrum, including Kovalam Beach and Shanghumukham Beach. Enjoy sunsets, water sports, and fresh seafood by the sea. Indulge in a boat ride to learn about the city’s culture.                                                      

    Ayurvedic Therapies

    Ayurvedic Therapies

    Experience the rejuvenating powers of Ayurveda in Trivandrum. There are numerous Ayurvedic wellness centers and spas where you can indulge in traditional ayurvedic therapies & treatments for relaxation, peace and well-being.



    (March – May)

    Summer in Trivandrum can be hot and humid, so it’s advisable to plan indoor activities and stay hydrated. The city hosts some local festivals during this season. Trivandrum sees fewer tourists during the summer season, making it a quieter and less crowded time to explore the city.


    (June – September)

    The monsoon season in Trivandrum brings heavy rainfall, making it a good time for budget travelers. The lush greenery and cool weather make it a unique time to explore the city. With fewer tourists, you can enjoy a quieter visit, but be prepared for potential disruptions due to heavy rains.


    (October – February)

    The winter months are the best time to visit Trivandrum, as the weather is pleasant, and the city comes alive with cultural events and festivals. The temperatures range from 20°C to 32°C (68°F to 90°F) at this time of the year. It’s the perfect time for beach outings and outdoor activities.


    Trivandrum is well-connected to various parts of India:


    The city is served by Trivandrum International Airport (Thiruvananthapuram Airport), which has both domestic and international flights. It is well-connected to major cities in India and international destinations.

    Trivandrum Central is a major railway station and serves as a key transportation hub in southern India. It’s well-connected to various cities across the country, and many trains pass through or terminate at this station.

    Trivandrum is accessible by road and is connected to major cities in Kerala and neighboring states. National Highway 44 (NH44) connects Trivandrum to the northern and central parts of India. State-run and private bus services are available for travelers.


    FAQs about Trivandrum Travel Guide

    What are the top attractions in Trivandrum?

    The top attractions in Trivandrum include Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Kovalam Beach, Napier Museum, Kanakakunnu Palace, and the Kuthiramalika Palace Museum, among others.

    What is the local cuisine in Trivandrum?

    Trivandrum offers a variety of delicious South Indian dishes, including seafood specialties, Kerala-style vegetarian meals, and traditional desserts like payasam.

    Are there opportunities for water sports in Trivandrum?

    Yes, Kovalam Beach and nearby areas offer various water sports activities, including parasailing, jet-skiing, and banana boat rides, making it a great destination for water sports enthusiasts.