Gohar Mahal Bhopal

Gohar Mahal Bhopal

One of the finest specimens of architecture and craftsmanship of the Nawabi era, Gauhar Mahal in Bhopal is a recommended place for the tourists. Constructed by the first woman ruler of Bhopal, Gohar Mahal has a grandeur which is just unparalleled. With varied artworks displayed here, this spot is surely going to leave you spell-bound and a visit here becomes almost mandatory. Showcasing a great amalgamation of Hindu and Mughal architecture, a lot of tourists from far and wide flock to this place to know more about its history and revel in its architectural charm.

Background History

Gohar Mahal Bhopal was built in 1820 by Qudisiya Begum, the first woman ruler of Bhopal who was popularly known as Gohar Begum. Hence this marvel has a history rich in the past of Nawabs and Begums in Bhopal. After the death of her husband, Gohar Begum was the first woman to ascend the throne of Bhopal in 1819 by changing the patriarchal ruling history. This place is also considered as a major heritage site today and is maintained by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. However, it is a perfect site to know more about Indian history and especially, the Nawab rule in Bhopal. Again, a perfect fusion of Hindu and Mughal architecture will leave you spellbound. The place also houses some of the old and aging structures of Bhopal which have a certain old grace of their own. Again, the site is a specimen of the attempt made by a woman ruler which defines her marked contribution to the fields of history and architecture.

Location of the Mahal

Gohar Mahal is situated in Bhopal, alongside the serene Upper Lake where an airy hall overlooks the glimmering lake. It is located near the Shaukat Mahal and is accessible by all means of transportation. It is precisely situated on VIP Road, Chowki Talaiya in Peer Gate Area. This place will leave you enthralled with its architectural charm and will impress you with its exhibition of the finesses craftsmanship of the Nawabi rule.

Architectural and Structural Appeal

Gohar Mahal presents a beautiful blend of two styles of architecture and includes Jharokhas that look into the courtyard. It is quite true that the marvel has lost much of its original and older charm over the years. However, it is being carefully restored and preserved to bring back its older grace. An airy hall overlooks the glimmering lake while what has remained of the ancient paintings and the intricate woodwork mirror the architectural wonder of the palace. This place has now become a site for exhibitions and displays of sorts. The surrounding of the palace is beautifully landscaped with lawns and flower gardens. The Mahal also has a lot of doors and passages. From the terrace, you can get a stunning view of the Upper Lake. To an extent, the palace is in ruins. But attempts are being made to renovate and restore it to its original splendor. Again, a lot of sales and exhibitions displaying handloom, ethnicity, and artworks are conducted on the premises which are generally well-attended, especially in September. Surely, the architecture here is a semblance of the unique marriage of the Indo - Islamic architecture and this spot was the queen’s final resting place before she passed away and gave her throne to her daughter.

How to Reach Gohar Mahal

This place is accessible by all means of transportation - bus (Moti Masjid bus stop), car, taxi, hired cab, rickshaw, etc. On average, it takes about 30 minutes to reach there. The nearest railway station is the Bhopal Junction which is situated at a distance of 3 km which is accessible by the rickshaw or auto-rickshaw. The nearest airport is the Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal which is located at a distance of 11 km and the nearest bus stand is the Kushabhau Thackeray Inter-State Bus Terminus which is at an 8 km from the palace. One can easily hire a cab or taxi from the respective places for the palace.

Best time to visit Gohar Mahal

The best time to visit the Gauhar Mahal is the winter season during the months of October to March when the pleasant weather makes the sightseeing tour comfortable as compared to the other two seasons.

Places to visit near Gohar Mahal

Gohar Mahal is located on the Nakkar Khana in Bhopal nearby the Shaukat Mahal and is surrounded by various other famous tourist attractions. One can visit the Lower Lake, Upper Lake, Birla Museum, Van Vihar National Park, Moti Masjid, etc. The tourist should enjoy the boating in the Upper Lake and enjoyed the enchanting view of the surroundings.

Gohar Mahal in Bhopal Timings and Entry Fees:

Gohar Mahal Bhopal Timings:

08:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M.

Gohar Mahal Bhopal Entry Fees:


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