Spice Plantation in Wayanad

Spice Plantation in Wayanad

Situated in the north-eastern part of Kerala, Wayanad is a surreal destination for nature lovers. From a quiet climate to captivating waterfalls, lush greenery to a spice plantation, etc., you can find them all here. Besides, the list of things to do in this beautiful place is endless.

So, if you are also the one who wants to experience the dreamlike beauty of Wayanad at its best, but a wide array of attractions and things to do in Wayanad confused you, fret not; we are here to help. Yes, let’s start your exploration with a perfect Spice Plantation Wayanad tour.

Wayanad's unique geographical and climatic conditions make it not only an ideal place for spice cultivation but also the wonderful green scenery and natural life will take everyone’s breath away. No doubt, there are various kinds of spices grown in Wayanad. Coffee, tea, cocoa, pepper, ginger and lately, plantain, vanilla are the main cash crops of the region. It is believed that the spice plantation in Wayanad is the main source of income. 

Wayanad Spice Plantation trail is a sharp-eyed visit to the lush and wonderful spice gardens. As you walk on the trail, you will feel welcomed by aromas of various spices like pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. In addition to the aromas, with the help of the guide, you will learn about the spices and the process involved in collecting the produce from the plantations like sowing, harvesting, climate and the soil that is needed to make it smell just right.

Apart from this, the Spice Plantation Wayanad trail will also give a glimpse of how and why Kerala is useful to grow spices and what makes them choose in the western world. Moreover, the best season to visit a spice plantation is from September to March. As the weather during this time is pleasant and cool and is considered a perfect time to enjoy sightseeing and other adventurous activity. This is the time when the spices will be ready for harvest. Monsoon is the worst time to visit here as the trails become slippery and plants do not bloom in this season. Summers become hot and humid which makes plantation tour almost impossible. Then head on and let your senses have a feast as you discover the distinct spice trails of Wayanad!


Spice Plantation Entry Fees: It varies with the season and type of package.

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