Spice Plantations in Munnar

Spice Plantations in Munnar

Munnar is renowned for spice retreats of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. You can likewise discover coffee and tea plantations. The rules of the visit differ starting with one estate proprietor than the other. Normally, you will be permitted to walk, take pictures, spot birds and appreciate the excursion. You can purchase crisp spices from the market close to the estate. The grand magnificence of the spot is ensured as it is a hill station renowned for honeymoon trips.

The spice plantations in Munnar are one of the significant tourist destinations in Kerala. The spice plantations in Kerala are spellbinding estates to meander in since various flavors are developed in various areas of every plantation. Munnar is a quaint little hill station settled at the Kanan Devan hills. Munnar is notable for its emerald green sceneries, glistening lakes, huge reservoirs, and thick forests. Situated at a height of 1600 meters above the ocean level, Munnar is perfect for paragliding as well. Moreover, Munnar is well known for its spice plantations and tea estates. 

Prominently known as the tea town of Kerala, Munnar is home to the absolute most astounding tea estates on the planet. Munnar was created to develop tea plants during the British era of India. The region of Munnar is on the whole involved by the rambling tea estates and thick backwoods spread. The spice plantation Munnar and the tea estates are prime attractions of this pleasant land. The rambling plantations of tea and spices make Munnar a spot worth visiting while on a Kerala Tour

You can take nature strolls, bird watching treks, taste the different spices and take in the fragrant air while investigating the Kerala spice farm in Munnar. The significant assortments of flavors developed in the zest estate of Munnar are ginger, garlic, cardamom, vanilla, pepper, cinnamon, espresso, tea, clove, and nutmeg. Get a couple of parcels of the tea and flavors developed here that make for a decent purchase.


Spice Plantation Entry Fees: It varies with the season and type of package.

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