Best Time to Visit Kovalam

Summer Season (April to June):

Summer is not a favorable time to go to Kovalam. The temperature remains between 30-36 degrees. During the daytime, it is normally hot and humid. However, the pleasant breeze blows from the sea in the evenings bring some respite after the hot and sunny daytime.

Tourists normally avoid Kovalam during this time. Hence, you can expect heavy discounts in hotels and resorts in the summer months. Don't forget to carry sunscreen and wear light cotton clothes if you are planning to explore Kovalam during summer.

Winter Season (October to March):

Undoubtedly this is the best time to visit Kovalam beaches. Cool temperature with warm sunny weather makes it the ideal time for relaxing on the beach and sunbathing. The sea remains calm and hence water sports can be an added attraction. The temperature remains between 16 to 30 degrees.

The churches look beautiful during Christmas time. Kovalam is a preferred destination for national and international tourists during this time.

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Monsoon Season (July to September):

Kovalam receives moderate to heavy rainfall during the rainy season. August is the month that receives maximum rainfall. The downpour is accompanied by strong winds that bring down the temperature to a large extent. Normally temperature remains between 24 to 28 degrees. One thing that you would enjoy most in Kovalam during this time is the lush green scenery. Drenched in the rains, the flora of Kovalam looks visually pleasant.

However, the sea may remain rough during this time which may hamper your tour plans involving the sea.

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