Kovalam Travel Guide

Planning for a relaxing holiday at the beach? Looking for the blue sea, accompanied by green hillocks, golden beach, palm-fringed shores, and picturesque sunrise or sunset? You don’t have to go to the Bahamas or Santorini islands to enjoy the sea at its best! 

Come to Kovalam, the beautiful coastal town in God’s own country - Kerala. Situated at a distance of around 18 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, Kovalam has earned its spot in the list of beach towns to visit in the world. A lot of national and international travelers come to Kovalam to relax by the crescent-shaped beaches and enjoy seafood delicacies. Apart from natural beauty, tourists also choose Kovalam for Ayurvedic treatments to indulge in the utmost relaxation. There are many Spa Resorts, Ayurvedic resorts and Yoga Centres that guide the visitors to relax and rejuvenate perfectly during their holiday. 

This idyllic quaint village is situated along the coastline of the Arabian Sea. Kovalam is fondly named as the ‘Paradise of the South’. You can relax and unwind yourself by sunbathing at the famous beaches here. Popular beaches as per the Kovalam travel guides are the ‘Hawa beach’, ‘Lighthouse Beach’ and the ‘Samudra beach’. 

Hawa beach is adorned with a sandy beach, blue sea and beautiful line of swaying coconut trees. When the sea breeze passes through the trees it creates an amazing visual experience. Enjoy sunbathing at this beach. You can also pamper yourself with herbal massages here. Come here in the early morning to witness the fisherman and their rituals before they set off to the sea for the day apart from a lovely sunrise.

The main attraction of the Lighthouse beach is the lighthouse which is situated nearby the seashore that surely enhances the photogenic beauty of this place. The lighthouse remains open from morning to evening. Visit this place to enjoy a wonderful bird’s eye view of the surrounding place. Also, if you are an adventure enthusiast, then water sports activities at the Lighthouse beach is for you. Partake in water sports activities like surfing, parasailing, and paragliding. Enjoy a relaxing bath in the sea with your loved ones.

Samudra beach is dotted with some rocky formations. Hence, bathing or water sports is not encouraged here. However, this beach is perfect if you are looking to spend some alone time with your beloved. Not many tourists visit this beach. Hence, if you are in your honeymoon and looking for some quiet place to unwind and relax by the sea with your beloved then, Samudra beach should be your destination. 

Enjoy the sea during the day and savor local delicacies at night. Walk around the town to get the feel of the place. Kovalam is a wonderful place to visit. We have separate tour packages depending on your holiday type for Kovalam. You can choose any of the Kovalam packages as your ultimate Kovalam tour guide.

Sightseeing and Things To Do in Kovalam

Best Time to Visit Kovalam

Kovalam, being a seaside, have more or less pleasant weather throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Kovalam would be during the winter months. You can plan your Christmas holidays or New Year in this Kerala beach town. Christmas is celebrated widely all over Kerala owing to a large number of the Catholic population in the state.

Check below the weather in Kovalam as per seasons and decide the best time to go to Kovalam-

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How To Reach Kovalam

The location of Kovalam makes it easily accessible by all modes of transport. Kovalam has situated around 15 km from the capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. Hence you can avail of air, train or road to reach Kovalam.

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