Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is blessed with various flora and is home to different unique species of animals. Apart from it, the extensive woodland and incredible landscape make it an ideal wildlife destination for a thrilling safari tour. This wildlife reserve in Karnataka’s Kodagu and Mysore districts, also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a well-known and popular wildlife habitat in India. The Nagarhole National Park is a must-see destination for those who appreciate animals, photography, and adventurous travel. Its safari promises an unforgettable experience and allows you to connect with nature. This national park is a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and has been widely admired by wildlife enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.

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The diverse flora of the Western Ghats provides a lush habitat for birds. This national park is home to enormous spotted eagles, Oriental white-backed vultures, and other endangered birds.

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    (April to June)

    The summer months are ideal for viewing wildlife in its natural habitat. During this season, the waterholes are dry, and the jungle’s animals come to their shed to get water from the river and other places. At the beginning of March, the climate condition is pleasurable, and the temperature remains comfortable, allowing you to explore the deep forest. Therefore, it is advised to plan your summer vacation for Nagrhole in March to get a wholesome holiday experience in this jungle. By visiting this season, you can get high chances to spot freely walking animals.


    (July to September)

    This national park receives around 1,500 mm of rainfall during its monsoon season, so some of the areas are closed. But, still, this park has lots of offers for its visitors that will surprise them. Monsoon is an ideal season for you if you are a fan of rain and an ardent admirer of nature. You will enjoy the green shade of character that becomes more beautiful after the rain. Also, you can witness the waterfall, which is exciting and a treat for the eyes. When the showers of rain stop, you will get a clearer view of nature and enjoy the comfortable weather.


    (October to March)

    In winter, Nagarhole welcomes the chilly weather, and the temperature range fluctuates between 10-14 °C. Winter is a chance to get a dose of natural beauty with pleasant climate conditions. During this season, you can enjoy the wildlife safari in Nagarhole and indulge in outdoor activities. Moreover, you will feel comfortable on warm days and cold nights, which makes this season ideal for everything.


    The closest airport to Nagarhole National Park is Mysore Airport, around 80 km from the tiger reserve. This domestic airport has good connectivity with almost all the major cities of India via air. And after landing at this airport, you can take a cab, taxi, or bus to the park. You can choose Bangalore International Airport, located around 242 km from Nagarhole. After landing at this airport, you will get various options of transport to reach there by road, and it will take around 5 hours to reach the park. The major destinations from Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai come up with direct flights. 
    Mysore railway station is the nearest railway station to Nagarhole National Park, located around 90 km. This junction is a major stop for numerous trains from popular cities, including Bengaluru, Jaipur, Chennai, Kolkata, Ajmer, Varanasi, and Mumbai. And after reaching this junction, you will have to cover the remaining distance by taking a cab, taxi, or bus. Numerous taxis, cabs, and buses are available for Nagarhole National Park, and it is believed that Mysore Railway Station is an ideal choice to reach Nagarhole National Park for people who come from nearby regions. 
    The nearest bus stop to this national park is HD Kote Bus Station, located around 30 km from the park. Buses from Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation allow you to reach Nagarhole by road from Mysore. And this is one of the ideal modes to reach here by road as the destination is just around 80 km away, and buses will take approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to cover the distance. You can also reach this park by road from the nearby state as the road connectivity is good via national highways. You can pick up your bus from Karnataka and Chennai to reach Kutta, one of the four entrance points for Nagarhole. You can rent a jeep and bike from Mysore or Hunsur to reach this tiger reserve with an outstanding travel experience. 


    • The timing of the road that runs through Nagarhole National Park is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm throughout the year.
    • You will need to pay a fee if you plan on carrying a DSLR camera on a safari in Nagarhole National Park.
    • Monsoon is not an excellent option for visiting this park as safari may not operate due to the muddy and impassable roads.
    • Book your boat safari tour to enjoy the best views of elephants in this national park.


    Why is Nagarhole National Park famous?

    The sanctuary, also called Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a tiger reserve under Project Tiger and Project Elephant. Bengal tigers, leopards, and the world’s largest herd of Asian elephants call the sanctuary home.

    Which safari is best in Nagarhole?

    The best way to see aquatic species is on a boat tour. The River Kabini boat safari will be enjoyable for you. With this kind of safari, you can witness a wide range of wildlife along the river’s side, including marsh crocodiles and various waterfowl.

    How many tigers are in Nagarhole?

    The Nagarahole Tiger Reserve boasts the highest tiger density among its competitors, with 125 individual tigers. According to the most recent data, the thickness is estimated to be 11.82 hectares per 100 square kilometers, ranking first in Karnataka and third in the nation, behind the tiger reserves in Corbett and Kaziranga.

    Do Indian Visit provide Nagarhole National Park tour packages?

    Yes, Indian Visit offers exciting Nagarhole National Park tour packages with customization and tailor made preferences.