Pushkar, a sacred town in Rajasthan, India, is famed for its tranquil lake, Pushkar Lake, and the Brahma Temple, dedicated to Lord Brahma. It hosts the annual Pushkar Camel Fair, attracting pilgrims and travelers alike. The town’s spiritual ambiance, vibrant markets, and cultural festivities make it a captivating destination.

Blossoming at the heart of Rajasthan’s golden desert, Pushkar emerges like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. This mystical town holds a sacred place among Hindus, boasting the world’s sole temple dedicated to Lord Brahma. The rhythm of life quickens during the vibrant Pushkar Camel Fair, an event that draws wanderers from across the globe. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Pushkar Lake, traverse through bustling markets adorned with exquisite handicrafts, or chase the hues of a breathtaking sunset from the vantage point of Ratnagiri Hill. Pushkar is a canvas painted with experiences that blend spirituality, culture, and natural beauty into an unforgettable tapestry.  

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    Attend Aarti at Pushkar Lake

    Attend Aarti at Pushkar Lake

    Participate in the mesmerizing Aarti (prayer ceremony) at Pushkar Lake during sunset. The sight of lamps floating on the lake is spiritually uplifting. At Pushkar Lake, this divine aarti unfolds, enchanting devotees with rhythmic hymns and the mesmerizing glow of lamps, fostering spiritual serenity.

    Explore the Local Markets

    Explore the Local Markets

    Explore Pushkar’s vibrant markets, adorned with colorful textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts. Embrace the lively atmosphere and indulge in unique shopping delights. By enjoying the shopping spree, you can engage in a delightful experience and get, capturing the town’s essence.

    Camel Safari

    Camel Safari

    Embark on a camel safari to explore the desert landscape and experience the traditional way of transportation in the region. Traverse golden sands, witness the sunset hues, and experience the timeless charm of Rajasthan, guided by the gentle sway of camels.                                                                                  



    (April – June)

    The summer months can be extremely hot, so it’s advisable to plan indoor activities during the day and venture out in the evenings.The town becomes a tapestry of vibrant festivals, including the renowned Camel Fair. Despite the heat, the lively ambiance, colorful markets, and traditional performances create a unique charm.


    (July – September)

    The monsoon season brings occasional showers, offering a refreshing change and a lush green landscape. The town transforms into a lush green paradise, adorned with blooming flowers. While the monsoon revitalizes Pushkar, it’s essential to note that heavy rainfall can disrupt outdoor activities. The serene Pushkar Lake overflows, enhancing its beauty.


    (October – March)

    The months from October to March offer pleasant weather, making it ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities. During this season, you can explore its spiritual and cultural treasures. and its crisp weather adds to the enchanting ambiance.



    Pushkar is accessible via various modes of transportation, including by air, rail, or road.

    The nearest airport is Jaipur International Airport (150 km), which has domestic and international flights. Jaipur is well-connected to major Indian cities. From the airport, opt for a taxi or bus service for a scenic journey, experiencing the diverse landscapes of Rajasthan en route to Pushkar.
    Traveling to Pushkar by road is convenient with well-maintained national highways. It is easily accessible by buses and private vehicles from major cities like Jaipur and Ajmer. The journey promises picturesque views of Rajasthan’s landscapes, providing a smooth and enjoyable road trip to the sacred town of Pushkar.
    Udaipur is well-connected by road, situated at the intersection of NH 8, the Golden Quadrilateral, East-West Corridor, and NH 76. Regular buses connect Udaipur with Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, and Kota.





    FAQs about Pushkar Travel Guide

    Is Pushkar only known for religious sites, or are there other attractions?

    While the religious sites are significant, Pushkar also has other attractions like the Savitri Temple, dedicated to Goddess Savitri, offering panoramic views of the town. The Old Rangji Temple, Pushkar Cattle Fair Ground, and the Pushkar Bazaar are additional points of interest.

    Is Pushkar a vegetarian town due to its religious significance?

    Yes, Pushkar is known for its religious significance, and the town is predominantly vegetarian. Many restaurants and establishments in Pushkar serve vegetarian and vegan food in line with the town’s cultural and religious ethos.

    What are the activities to do during the Pushkar Camel Fair?

    The Pushkar Camel Fair is a unique and vibrant event where travelers can witness camel trading, cultural performances, and various competitions. There are events like camel races, folk dances, and even a mustache competition. Hot air balloon rides also provide a unique perspective of the fair and the surrounding area.