Hathipole Market Udaipur

Hathipole Market Udaipur

Hathipole Market  is one of the most popular markets in Udaipur. It is also known as Hathi Pole handicraft market. The Hathipole  Market is visited by a large number of tourists. It is the ideal market to find delightful handicrafts and artwork like Phad paintings and the traditional Rajasthani pichhwai which is done by the local artists. Here, foreigner visitors can buy authentic souvenirs, miniature paintings, Rajasthani folk art, colorful Nagra slippers, wooden handicrafts, traditional jewelry, vintage articles and much more at reasonable prices.

Hathipole Udaipur History:

Udaipur was once surrounded by the city wall which has seven (7) gates and Hathipole or Hathipole Darwaza is one of them. The others being Udaipole, Delhi Gate, Surajpole, Chandpole, and so forth. The Hathipole is an adjoining pole, next to Delhi Gate. This pole is 1.5 km far away from the Udaipur City Bus Depot and 5 km away from Udaipur City railway station. The Hathipole is having two gates and has the Bhama Shah’s Statue in front of the gate. This place is very close to several adjacent markets, particularly Chetak Circle, Ashwini Bazaar, Clock Tower, Delhi Gate, and Ghanta Ghar.

Things to buy in Hathipole Market Udaipur:

It is considered as one of the Best Things to See in Udaipur. It is a colorful and beautiful market and attracts tourists. It is also known for its specialty in Mewar’s art and craft.

Tourist Atrraction nearby Hathipole Market:

The nearby attractions of this place are the Jagdish Temple, City Palace, Gulab Bagh, etc. Travelers can easily reach there by using locally available transport like rickshaws, autos, or taxis.

Hathi Pole Bazaar is the illustrious world of artists and their paintings. So, this is one of the perfect Places to Explore in Udaipur and spends a great time with loved ones.

Hathipole Market Timings:

 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM but this market remains closed on Sunday.

Hathipole Market Entry Fees:


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