Top Things To Do in Panna National Park for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Panna National Park’s impressive range of things to do promises a thrilling wildlife vacation. Whether you are looking to spot wildlife or find a peaceful time amidst nature, these activities offer you the dose you want. In addition, you can find activities that let you enjoy a quiet time amidst the lush greenery. Moreover, there are many action-packed activities apart from safari rides. This tranquil and pristine wilderness area has many things to experience and enjoy. You can find various ways to enjoy the raw nature of Panna National Park. And if you are okay with exploring the nearby distance within a few kilometers of diameter, you can find more activities to make your wildlife tour memorable.

Observing wildlife in a beautiful, refreshing environment will be such a fantastic thing to do here. Below is a list of the best things to do in Panna National Park for a lot of fun.

Top Famous Things To Do in Panna National Park 

  • Jeep Safari
  • Boating
  • Elephant Safari
  • Nature Photography
  • Bird Watching
  • Night Safari
  • Walk with Pardhis
  • Explore nearby Tourist Attractions

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari in Panna National Park is an ideal way to explore the jungle and spot wild animals and plants. It is one of the must-do activities in this jungle, as it will give you an incredible experience and let you enjoy the thrill amidst nature. This open jeep safari accommodates six tourists at one time and operates in two shifts – morning and evening. Jeeps are a popular way to enjoy jungle exploration and give you a smooth ride. The ride will make less sound and will not disturb the jungle animals. Hence, you can easily spot wild animals closely.

Why choose Jeep Safari: 

This safari ride will allow you to explore the extensive plateau and gorges. Moreover, it will take you to the depths of the forest to admire the gleaming waterfall and dense teak forest. The exhilaration of spotting tigers and other wild animals gives you a next-level thrill.

Tip: Summer is the ideal season to spot wild animals in the jungle, and if you are planning in winter, enjoy the evening safari. 

Boat Safari in Ken River

Boating in Ken River, a tributary of the Yamuna River, is one of the delightful things to do in Panna National Park. It is the finest experience in this national park to enjoy abundant biodiversity. The forest department organizes this activity to give tourists a delightful travel experience. However, sitting in a boat and observing the sky where birds flock gives you a memorable experience. And it would become the highlight of your tour. The complete tour is around 30 minutes to 1 hour in the Ken River, giving you long-lasting memories.

Why choose Boat Safari:

While enjoying this boating experience, you will witness the natural abundance as it covers most of the forest area. You can also call it a boat safari that gives you a different perspective on exploring the jungle vibe in Panna Tiger Reserve. During your boat safari, you can behold various species of birds on the bank of the river. You can spot frightening marsh muggers, Black Ibises basking, and Eurasian Eagle Owls (crocodiles). Therefore, the bot safari blends thrill, peace, and natural beauty.

Tip: Going with a knowledgeable naturalist is advised to make this experience insightful, where you learn about birds. By doing that, you will get the most out of the experience.

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari is just another iconic mode of exploring Panna Tiger Reserve. The ride will last 1 hour and is operated by the forest department in morning and evening shifts. If you are a fan of bird watching, an Elephant safari is an ideal thing to enjoy in Panna Tiger Reserve. The slow pace of the elephant safari gives you plenty of time to observe the birds in the jungle. Moreover, listening to musical chirping in the wilderness will soothe your mind and make your elephant ride a delight.

Why choose Elephant Safari:

This safari is a mix of adventurous and beautiful experiences you can get while reaching the depths of the lush green forest. Roaming around the jungle while sitting on the elephant is just another experience! Moreover, the chances to spot wild animals are higher as you can explore the areas that are not accessible by jeep. Observing animals from such heights gives you a different perspective of the jungle and lets you admire the incredible landscapes. Each second you spend on this safari will provide you with a thrilling aspect of jungle exploration.

Tip: Book your elephant safari in advance to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience in Panna National Park. 

Nature Photography

Experiencing natural beauty shall be the core of your wildlife tour to Panna Tiger Reserve. And this is also one of the best activities to enjoy amidst the thrilling vibe. This national park attracts wildlife photographers and nature admirers from around the world. The natural beauty of this park adds a blissful layer to your adventurous tour. You can enjoy wildlife photography amid this abundant natural Panna Tiger Reserve. If you are into photography, this national park will always satisfy you. You can enjoy wildlife photography and nature photography on this land.

Why Nature Photography? 

You can capture an impressive range of flora and fauna with your camera at different places with different backdrops. This national park has various natural elements to click, including scenic valleys and plateaus, cheering waterfalls, and flourishing deep jungles of teak. In the winter season, it is advised to visit in the evening as morning is not suitable due to the fog. There are countless chances to capture wild animals and beautiful birds from different directions. In short, the raw nature of Panna Tiger Reserve surely deserves the shot of your camera.

Tip: Carrying a good quality camera and binoculars is advised to enhance your travel experience. 

Bird Watching 

Being home to more than 200 species of birds, Panna National Park has become one of the finest choices for enjoying bird watching. Moreover, some migratory birds also flock to this region from different places in the winter season. Some popular varieties of birds that you can spot here are stork, King vulture, bareheaded goose, Blossom-headed Parakeet, Paradise flycatcher, and Honey Buzzard. These bird species are counted as the main attractions of this national park. However, the best time to enjoy bird watching in this jungle is winter, as the chances are high to spot migratory birds.

Why Bird Watching?

Panna National Park is undoubtedly a treat for birdwatchers who want to admire these cute little creatures. Moreover, this jungle is home to some endangered and rare species. Hence, you can enjoy rare bird sightings in this national park. You can hire an experienced naturalist who will give you insightful knowledge about the birds of this national park. On top of that, you can enjoy bird watching from different points of view, including boating, jungle safari, and nature walking.

Tip: Along with your camera and binoculars, you should carry a pen and notebook to write down some information that you will get from the tour guide regarding birds. 

Night Safari 

Night safari is one of the unique and thrilling activities in Panna National Park. The forest department operates this safari throughout the year. However, you must face some restrictions during heavy rainfall to enjoy this adventurous activity in Panna National Park. Jinna and Akola zones are two safari zones where you can enjoy the night safari in this tiger reserve. These safari zones are part of buffer zones, the surrounding region of the primary forest. Usually, this national park starts at around 10:30 pm, meaning you can enjoy the jungle safari and this night safari in one day easily.

Why choose Night Safari 

This safari is a challenging ride as the visibility of our eyes is limited to the area where the jeep lights are falling. And it is up to your other sensory organs to experience the thrill through your smelling and hearing power. Hence, it is a different experience that you should add to your trip while enjoying your vacation in Panna Tiger Reserve. Moreover, you can spot various wildlife species, including hyenas, rusty spotted cats, jungle cats, porcupines, honey badges, etc. These animals are nocturnal by nature and enough to give you a dose of thrill, and you will not regret a single second of this ride.

Tip: Choose your resort or hotel near this national park, as it can save you time and let you enjoy this safari hassle-free. 

Take a Walk with Pardhis

Pardhis are a nomadic community that lives around the Panna Tiger Reserve. Since the Mughal Era, the community has been hired to help in hunting. However, with the combined effort of the Forest Department and NGOs, a large part of the community has given up hunting. So now, walking with Pardhis has become an initiative that delightfully lets you connect with the jungle vibe. You will notice that trained Pardhis guides will lead a nature trail for tourists, students, or nature enthusiasts on a designated route in Panna National Park.

Why opt for this?

This activity will help you reconnect with the wilderness and explore the forest from the same perspective as Pardhis. During this experiential walk in the jungle, you will get the ancient knowledge of the Pardhi community members. Moreover, you will be amazed by hearing incredible stories from the forest. Overall, your wildlife tour becomes informational, thrilling, captivating, and exciting with every step. There is no need for a second thought that it would be one of the epic highlights of your trip to this region.

Tip: You should get the complete details about the tour and carry some notebooks and essential things on your walking tour with Pradhis. 

Explore nearby Tourist Attractions

Panna Tiger Reserve is one of the country’s most famous zones for wildlife tourism, attracting countless tourists. The diverse biodiversity, unique landscapes, thrilling activities, and some unique experiences are core attractions of Panna. However, the nearby tourist attractions complement your wildlife tour. Hence, you can explore the tourist places within a few kilometers of these wildlife holiday destinations. Ken Gharial Sanctuary, Madla Village, Raneh Falls, Pandav Falls, Dhubela Museum, Ajaygarh & Kalinjar Fort, and Mahamati Prannathji Temple are famous places around this national park.

Why opt for this?

Various vital cultural, historical, and spiritual attractions are found around this national park. So, once you’ve finished your safari, you should explore these places. Many of these provide fantastic tranquility and serene ambiance. You can soothe your senses and enjoy the silence. However, some areas will reflect this region’s rich history, which is also exciting.

Tip: It is better to explore the surroundings after your wildlife tour and curate your tour as per the destinations you will have to cover. 

Panna Tiger Reserve is more than just offering safari rides. The above list of activities will give you countless dimensions and ideas for enjoying the wildlife thrill amidst the Panna National Park. Add these activities to your bucket list to enjoy the best wildlife experience. In addition, we provide fully customizable Panna Tour packages that you can curate as per your traveling preferences. Our tour package includes safari rides, meals, stays, sightseeing tours, and transfers to give you an easygoing vacation. Contact our tour experts and book your wildlife tour with Indian Visit today!

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