Enjoy Safari in Ranthambore to Connect Yourself with Nature and Adventure

Ranthambore National Park has done justice to words – thriving biodiversity, natural charm, and a refreshing environment. And you can all encounter them at once by choosing a safari tour in Ranthambore National Park. The jungle is home to wild animals like Royal Bengal tigers and leopards, migratory birds, and exotic plant species. By opting for a jungle safari, you will discover a variety of flora and fauna. You can enjoy two types of jungle safaris in Ranthambore National Park: Jeep Safari and Canter Safari.

Moreover, Ranthambore National Park safari cost and timing also depend on your selection of safari mode. Jeep safari is one of the preferable ways to enjoy wildlife sightings, and it comes with 6 seats. Whereas Canter has 20 seats, both safaris follow the same path for sightings in their designated zone.

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve has 10 zones for jungle safaris. You can choose from Zones 1 to 6, which means you will get any zone from it, and the same goes for Zones 7 to 10. Each zone offers greenery, landscapes, and wildlife attractions that simultaneously let you feel the thrill and nature.

Overall, your safari experience in Ranthambore will give you uncountable memories you can cherish for a long time. So check out the details below of safari types and their experiences in Ranthambore for a remarkable wildlife tour.

Types of Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore is a renowned national park and tiger reserve in India. It welcomes wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, nature admirers, and experience fanatics from all over the world. On a jungle safari tour in Ranthambore, you will explore the dense deciduous forest, pristine lakes, narrow valleys, and hillocks.

The heartbeat-stopping sight of the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat is one of the best experiences. You can explore each element as the forest department offers a safari service in two modes with two shifts: morning and afternoon.

  • Jeep Safari
  • Canter Safari

Jeep Safari in Ranthambore National Park 

Jeep Safari, also known as Gypsy Safari in Ranthambore, is one of the ideal ways to enjoy wildlife sightings. You can book a jeep safari in Ranthambore 90 days in advance. However, last-minute booking is also available for this type of safari.

A jeep is a six-seater vehicle open from all sides that lets you view wildlife closely. It is available from October to June and is allowed in all 10 zones of this national park. The zone for enjoying a safari is randomly assigned to you, depending on the forest department. During the safari, the jeep is set to cover the fixed path for a wildlife tour.

What will you experience through Jeep Safari in Ranthambore?

  • A jeep safari allows you to spot the Royal Bengal tiger closely.
  • Through jeep safari, you can get better opportunities to click pictures of wildlife animals.
  • You can enjoy birdwatching while on a jeep safari.
  • A jeep safari is a vehicle open from all sides. It is considered an adventurous ride that provides the ultimate thrill.
  • You can access the narrow roads and explore the deep jungle with a jeep safari tour.
  • Your wildlife tour experience with a jeep will be more enjoyable as it is less noisy. Hence, it will be less disturbing for you and the animals of the jungle.

Canter Safari In Ranthambore National Park

Canter Safari is also an excellent choice for embarking on a wildlife tour at Ranthambore National Park. It is a 20-seater vehicle that follows the same path as a jeep in the forest. In addition, the chances of spotting animals in the jungle are the same as those in a jeep safari. It also gives you a better view and a close encounter with the wilderness.

If you are afraid of wild animals, a canter safari is a secure way to witness wild animals. Moreover, if you plan a group wildlife tour with more than 8 people, opting for a canter safari is more affordable than a jeep safari.

What Will You Experience Through the Canter Safari in Ranthambore?

  • You will enjoy a comfortable ride with the canter safari, thanks to its space and comfortable movement.
  • Through canter safari, you will feel more secure as the height of the canter is higher than the Jeep.
  • This safari type is a good option whether you want to sit quietly and admire nature or stand to witness the far sights.

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Details of Different Types of Jungle Safari in Ranthambore National Park

A safari experience in Ranthambore offers multiple ways to immerse yourself in natural beauty. You can enjoy the safari for a full day or half day, and if you suddenly hit the park without any prior booking, there is also a way to enjoy it.

However, to enjoy a hassle-free vacation, it is recommended that you book your jungle safari in advance. Check out the details below for the types and options of wildlife safari in Ranthambore.

Regular Safari in Ranthambore National Park

It is a four-hour jungle safari in the national park that you can enjoy by booking in advance. The best part about this safari is that you can book your tour online; unfortunately, you are restricted to a given zone. Therefore, you must book this safari for a wildlife tour 90 days before arrival.

Half-Day Safari in Ranthambore National Park

You can enjoy this half-day safari tour in this national park to explore flora and fauna with higher possibility. There is no restriction on any particular zone for safari, and it will increase your chance of spotting tigers. The con of this safari is that you are not allowed to book this safari with online mode. It might be more costly than the regular safari, but the chances of spotting tigers are high.

Full-Day Safari Tour in Ranthambore National Park

Choose a full-day safari tour in Ranthambore to spend the entire day in the jungle. With this safari, you will start your ride in the jungle 15 minutes earlier and end 15 minutes later than a regular safari tour. Therefore, the safari price is double that of the half-day safari tour, but you can get a better opportunity to spot wildlife. For example, it has been noticed that cubs in the park play in the early morning, and this safari is a chance to click pictures of them.

Tatkal Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Tatkal safari for jungle safari in Ranthambore is expensive and almost three times higher than regular safari prices. So, if you plan your wildlife safari tour at the last minute, this Tatkal safari ride is there for you. You will have to pay extra, but the wilderness experience will always satisfy you.

Important Points to remember for experiencing Jungle Safari in Ranthambore

Every national park, tiger reserve, and wildlife sanctuary is home to wildlife animals, birds, and flora. It is an ecosystem that the government and forest department preserve. Enjoying a tour in such places gives you a dose of thrill and fun. But, you must keep in mind essential points to make your journey more enjoyable and safe.

Here are some points to keep in mind to enjoy a wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park.

  • You must carry your ID proof, which should be the same as you submitted while booking.
  • Your jungle safari booking is non-transferable, so you can’t exchange your booking with anyone else.
  • For foreign visitors, passport details are mandatory, whereas Indian visitors must have nationality ID proof.
  • The park can be shut down without prior notice due to climate conditions and vehicle availability.
  • It is recommended to book your safari tour in Ranthambore 90 days in advance to skip the last-moment disappointment.
  • To enjoy the safari tour, you must arrive 15 minutes before the jungle safari starts.
  • You must follow all the rules and instructions given by the guide and forest department throughout the tour.
  • It is better to wear comfortable, full-sleeved clothes to protect yourself from insects and mosquitos.
  • Shut down the flash of your camera while clicking pictures of animals.
  • Do not make noise in the park. It is home to wild animals, and you are a guest here.

Which Safari is Better, Jeep or Canter?

The safari experience in Ranthambore allows you to reconnect with nature and feel the thrill of different hues. Jeep and canter are two modes to explore the depth of the jungle. The basic difference between a jeep and a canter is sitting availability, which leads to the safari price. The selection of any safari type depends on your preferences and some factors. Jeep is ideal for it if you are willing to capture photographs of animals. Canter safari also gives you space and comfort for photography, but clicking photos is an art of patience that you will get more in a jeep than a canter.

Price also plays a significant role when choosing a wildlife safari in Ranthambore. Jeep safari has a higher price than canter safari, and canter safari price depends on per seat. If you are planning a group tour of more than 6 people, you can opt for a canter safari, as it is a cost-friendly way to observe the jungle. Canter Safari also makes you feel secure as the canter has a considerably higher height than the jeep. Overall, the choice of the safari depends on your traveling preferences and factors.

Final Words

With so many fascinating elements, Ranthambore is waiting to be explored with a safari tour. So, it is time to embark on a journey at one of the most prominent wildlife holiday destinations. Indian Visit offers well-crafted Ranthambore wildlife tour packages to help you enjoy the thrill ride amidst the jungle.

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