Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong is one of the famous National Museum in the town of Paro in western Bhutan and a perfect place to know this country by its roots.

Ta Dzong is one of the popular tourist attractions and the history of Ta Dzong is also fascinating. The word Ta Dzong means “watchtower” which was built by Choeje Minjur Tenpa, the first governor of Trongsa, as it was used to serve as a watchtower and fortress to protect the Paro Rinpung Dzong. It is located strategically above the Rinpung Dzong on the bank of the river Mangde in a whelk shaped fortress in Paro. It was built in 1649 to protect the undefended Dzong and renovated in 1968 to the house of the National Museum.

Ta Dzong the National Museum is a landmark building of Bhutan. The museum depicts the cultural beauty of Bhutan and is the pride of the country. Bhutan is a paradise for history lovers and a museum is a perfect place for those who wish to learn about Bhutan. The museum is the perfect amalgamation of the antiquity and contemporary. This museum has six floors each of them narrating unique and extraordinary tales from the past. Flaunting of beautiful paintings, art pieces, illustrations, sculptures and many more facets of the rich culture in the gallery. The museum is covering more than 1,500 years of Bhutan’s cultural heritage and it is a major attraction for local as well as foreign tourists. Ta Dzong has two temples one is dedicated to the legendary Gesar of Ling, and another one for the Maitreya (Jampa), the Buddha of the next age. Both temples comprise closets for the tutelary gods. The National Museum of Bhutan offers a panoramic view of the Paro Valley.

Ta Dzong, Paro Timings: 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. (except Monday)

Ta Dzong, Paro Entry Fees: Bhutanese: BTN 10,

SAARC Nationals: BTN 25,

Non-SAARC Nationals: BTN 150,

Monks, Nuns, Children (under 10): No Entry Fee

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