Adventure Tours in India

Adventure Tours in India

Visiting India is in itself no less than an adventure. A thrill seeker will be spoilt for choice for adventure trips in India. The list of a plethora of options available starts from a snow leopard safari in Ladakh and extends up to water sports down south. India has so much to offer that you won’t have enough of it in one single trip.

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List of Adventure Tour Packages


Amazingly different, North India offers almost all the adventure activities to indulge in for a wonderful experience. Brace yourself as choose trekking in India to make your holidays special. Hailed as the crown of India, the mighty Himalayas allows you pacify your adrenaline rush through trekking, climbing or mountaineering.

To bask in the bliss go for the Ganges Gangotri trek or Mount Kailash trek. Or if it is the challenging trails you wish to explore, take your pick from the Zanskar Valley Trek or Markha Valley Trek. Stok Kangri Trek or Spiti Valley Trek and most importantly the Chadar Trek are an added plus. Spice your vacations with the Roopkund trek in Uttarakhand that provides the joy that knows no bounds.

Unarguably, the idea of adventure holiday tours India is incomplete without exploring Ladakh on your motorcycle. A bike trip in Ladakh is a breathtaking expedition that enthralls you to the core as you cross hairpin bends. Treat yourself to the rugged terrains, astounding vistas, fluttering flags, scenic attractions and much more.

River rafting in Rishikesh is surely a head turner. Get a taste of what it feels confronting the challenging rapids of the gushing River Ganga. Whether tried with friends or alone, the awe-inspiring activity awestruck you. Introducing you to the different aspects of nature and the place, this watersports will get etched on your mind and heart forever.  

Make a shift from north to North East India. Even this part of the country holds awe-inspiring surprises in store for you. Embark on any of the jungle safari tours in India and you be rendered speechless to witness the exotic flora and fauna here. Be watchful as you spot one-horned rhino in the Kaziranga National Park. Apart from this, you can also partake in caving, one of the hottest adventure activities in India that is slowly grabbing the attention.

A trip to the Rajasthan desert will help you find a niche activity suitable for your level of skills. Try your hands at Zip Lining, soaring high in a hot air balloon or dune bashing. Go camping, stargazing or jeep safari amidst golden sand dunes in Jaisalmer. An adventure holiday in India in itself is a great experience, it becomes more rewarding at Rajasthan. Go for tiger spotting in Ranthambore and you will surely return with fascinating stories to share.

Positioned nearby, central India also offers endless adventures.  Famed for enthralling wildlife tours, this part of India makes your adventure travel India amazing beyond imagination. Home to mysterious wildlife sanctuaries in India like the Bandhavgarh, the region exudes a matchless aura. Besides, embarking on a tribal tour is another exciting option that will keep on toes here.

Goa, famed as the ‘Party Capital of India’, cast a spell and challenges the daredevils to try watersports. Fun-filled water activities like jet skiing, gliding, surfing and so on appeal to the water babies. There is a wide range of activities that do not command much of the expertise and can be enjoyed by the novice as well.

Coming down the south, you can pacify your wanderlust amidst the lap of nature. Apart from this, the coastal towns allow you to partake in a number of water sports activities that keep your spirits high at all time. Kerala beaches are par excellence in terms of the countless opportunities they facilitate to enjoy. Here time flies by in a spur of the moment. You won’t have any idea how days transform into weeks and weeks into months while you get busy with superb activities. Do you know that you can cherish a wildlife safari in Kerala on a boat? Yes, the Periyar National Park in Kerala is a place you can lay on your eyes on. Bestowed with the best sights and sounds, this park is worth-exploring at least once in a lifetime.

Behold! The list of adventure activities and places in India offering ultimate thrill isn’t going to end any soon. So, if you want to tuck yourself and your family or friends in a haven that will thrill you to pieces, head to the Andaman Islands. Blessed with bountiful of attractions, the place is also a hub of adventure activities. Scuba Diving in Andaman needs no introduction. There’s perhaps hardly anybody who hasn’t dreamt of going deep down the azure waters in Andaman. Thus, the stunning archipelago welcomes all the daredevils to experience something that they haven’t done before.

Thus, whenever you want a unique and insightful vacation, go for such thrilling engagements as they make you feel joyous. Choose from a wide range of exclusively crafted adventure trip packages in India and begin a wonderful sojourn of entertainment that sends a sudden adrenaline rush in the body. From imposing the Himalayas, steep terrain, barren desert, dense forests to the expansive coastline, options for adventure activities abound in India. Go on an escapade to enjoy the activities with friends, family or just with yourself only!

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