Raja’s Seat, Coorg

Raja’s Seat, Coorg

The Raja’s seat means literally "the seat of the king" is the most important site in Madikeri in Coorg district. It is a garden with seasonal flowers and has many beautiful springs. Some falls are in sync with the music that looks extremely beautiful to see. This garden was named after the king of Kodagu. The Raja’s seat Coorg is a small Pavilion that is built of bricks and Mortar. The pavilion is supported by four pillars at the corners. The place was formerly the residence of the King of Kodagu and he came to visit here with his queens. The garden has plenty of greenery and the mountains here are much higher. From here we see the magnificent view of the city. From this place the view of sunrise and sunset is beautiful. Besides, the whole region can be easily seen here. The toy train for children also runs in this garden.

The king of Madikeri used to watch the sunrise and sunset from here. The view is picturesque that'why most tourist like to visit this place during sunrise and sunset. If you are planning to visit this place, the best time to visit this place is from october to march because the climate is more pleasurable. The Raja’s seat in Coorg is one of the most sought after tourist destinations for all. It is a beautiful hill station in South India. It is a city that is surrounded by hills, cool winds and coffee plantations. Its height is 1525 meters above sea level.

The wonderful view of the sunset into the high mountains is a fascinating sight. The pleasant garden there is filled with a host of flowering plants and is a pleasure for the people who love nature, and the closeness of the site also makes it an ideal picnic site for the local people. Going to see Raja’s seat Coorg is a brilliant way to get an understanding of the king’s lifestyle in Coorg.

The Raja’s seat Coorg has been constructed on the high grounds from where the valleys lying in the west can be seen. The dawns are typically foggy and cold, but with the rise of the sun, the fog slowly clears and offers an awesome view of the lush green gardens full of colorful seasonal beds of flowers. The evenings are equally superb as the day gradually ends with the Sun setting in the mountains. The Raja’s seat in Coorg is maintained by the Department of Archaeological Survey of India and is considered a historical monument in the nation. The Raja's Seat Garden is quite famous for its exquisite seasonal bloom, embracing view and a scenic site which makes it a great attraction for nature lovers.


Raja’s Seat, Coorg Timings:6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Raja’s Seat, Coorg Entry Fees: INR 5 per person

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