Explore the Wilderness of Gir National Park with Safari Rides

Explore the Wilderness of Gir National Park with Safari Rides

Enjoying thrilling safaris to discover uncharted regions and landscapes of Gir National Park is undeniably the best experience. This wildlife encounter activity includes mother nature’s aroma and the sounds of chirping birds.

If you’re considering a safari, Gujarat should be on your list. The expansive terrains of Gujarat are ideal for enjoying the charms and pleasures of a safari because they are blessed with rich biodiversity and a wide range of flora and wildlife.

The Gir Forest National Park Jeep Safari is the only safari available at Core Gir Zone, drawing tourists from worldwide. Gir, the majestic Asiatic Lion’s sole habitat on earth, never ceases to astound and enthrall nature lovers.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the king of the jungle flaunting in all its splendor at his native home. Jeeps and woodland guides are available from the forest department. Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary region, also known as Sasan Gir, was constructed next to Talaja Gir to safeguard Asiatic lions, leopards, and antelopes.

Besides these, you can easily see the jungle cat, the striped hyena, the golden jackal, the Bengal fox, the Indian gray mongoose, the four-horned antelope, the chinkara, and the wild boar are among these. In addition, crocodiles, cobras, monitor lizards, and pythons reside in the Sanctuary. Thanks to Gir’s great diversity, you will undoubtedly return home with tales of seeing these beautiful creatures of the wild.

The only way to enter the Sanctuary is with a safari permit, which may be booked online in advance. Moreover, the (GIZ) Gir Interpretation Zone’s Devalia Park is a stop where you’ve another famous jeep safari that you can take while at Sasan Gir. The forest department also organizes an hour-long safari to enlighten people about nature and its importance.

Types of Gir National Park Safaris

The central area of Gir National Park is 258 square kilometers in size. A jeep is one of the fantastic ways to explore the central area of the Gir National Park safari. However, different kinds of safaris, including bus safaris and the Devalia safari, are also conducted in the protected area of Gir National Park or Devalia Park. This national park’s core area buffer zone and protected area are distinct. People should, therefore, identify which Gir National Forest safari they desire before choosing a tour. Below are the details of Gir National Park’s safari:

Jeep Safari

The park offers three vehicle excursions each day along the Gir Jungle Trail. During this 3-hour Jeep safari, visitors can view lions in their natural habitat in addition to numerous species and colorful birds. Due to its size restriction, 30 automobiles can enter the park simultaneously.

These automobiles are all locally owned and operated and belong to the Forest Department. Visitors are strongly encouraged to book their Jeep safaris well in advance. Only specific kinds of gasoline-powered personal automobiles are allowed in the park. A driver and a guide are still required. The safari routes, developed within the Sanctuary’s tourist area, are an average of 35 km long each. When you arrive at the reception center, Sinh Sadan, Sasan Gir, a specific route is chosen randomly, together with a driver and guide.

An additional stop on a safari through Gir National Forest is Kamleshwar Dam, where visitors can climb the watchtower for stunning views of the park, the lake, and the tribal communities. The dam is home to a significant population of marsh crocodiles.

Why opt for a Jeep Safari?

  • Spend a whole day at Gujarat’s Gir National Park, surrounded by the majestic greenery that has been beautifully preserved.
  • Take pictures of the massive group of Asiatic lions you may witness at the park.
  • You are accompanied by a knowledgeable driver and a licensed tour guide to provide the finest direction.
  • Witness many unique species of wild animals, including endangered species, in their distinctive habitats to feel incredibly relaxed.

Devalia Gypsy Safari

An interpretation zone has been created at Devalia to lessen human interference in Gir National Park’s central region and help visitors comprehend Gir’s significance and diverse species.

The primary purpose of building this facility is to provide a quick and easy way to watch lions and other animal species in their natural habitat while easing pressure on the main sanctuary area. Sambars, Chinkaras, Wild Boars, Blue Bulls, and Spotted Deer comprise a sizable portion of the prey base in this interpretive zone.

Devaliya Gypsy Safari is a one-hour safari ride in a personally covered Gypsy organized by the forest department within the Devaliya Safari Park (also known as Gir Interpretation Zone).

Why opt for a Devalia Gypsy Safari?

  • It accommodates up to six adults and one child.
  • Jeep safari is less disturbing for humans and animals due to its less noisy engine.
  • In gypsy safari, you can comfortably sit and enjoy the views of animals.

Devalia Bus Safari

It takes roughly 45 minutes to tour the Devaliya GIZ via bus. Since these buses have official government authorization, they are exclusively subject to the norms and regulations of the forest department.

All buses are kept in good condition, and the driver and other staff members are authorized. You can see lions, deer, jackals, foxes, and many other animals in the next 45 minutes.

Most wild animals may be viewed in the open, in their natural environment. Devaliya’s bus safari offers a unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty and wildlife. To reserve a bus safari in Devalya, travelers must do so online in advance.

Why opt for a Devalia Bus safari?

  • Traveling at a canter is recommended if more than six individuals are at your party. Unfortunately, you won’t get a Jeep if you miss the canter. Therefore, it would be wise for you to canter as a group.
  • When a lion is sighted, the height of a canter can be helpful. Sometimes, you can see farther into the bush from the bus than the Jeep.
  • A bus safari is the safest mode of travel in the jungle because it offers more security in the wilderness.

So, which type of safari would you pick?

The ride of a 45-minute bus or jeep tour is appealing. However, many visitors wonder whether a bus or jeep safari is preferable. Please choose the option that best suits your needs because it depends on your preferences and choices. But if you want to avoid last-minute hassles and problems, advance online safari booking to Gir National Park is possible and advantageous.

Safari Booking Process

So, have you decided to book a Gir National Park safari? Don’t worry. The Tourism of India has all the details to help you make the proper reservations. For you, it’s only a matter of deciding which option you are most comfortable with by keeping you away from a hectic booking process and letting you focus all your attention on enjoying the wildlife tour to Sasan. Be ready to make some fantastic memories to cherish forever!

Required Documents to Book Gir Jungle Safari 

  • You need a valid ID to buy an entrance ticket.
  • Foreign visitors must have a valid passport to purchase an entrance ticket.
  • Include your full name, age, gender, and country of citizenship when booking a safari.

Things to keep in mind before visiting Gir National Park

  • It’s advisable to reserve a hotel in advance so they can assist you in booking your tickets. You can choose a hotel and purchase your tickets online.
  • Tickets for the parks are limited. For a safari, preparation is required. Although it wasn’t always the case, the price of a Gir safari is now the same for foreigners and Indians.
  • The park is closed in July, August, and September—the monsoon season. However, in the Summer months, from May to June, because it’s hot and the tigers are looking for water, it’s more likely to spot them then. But be aware that it’s also scorching hot for the tourists on the safari.

So, contact Indian Visit for the best wildlife tour packages to Gir National Park!

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