Tarn Taran Sahib Gurudwara

Tarn Taran Sahib Gurudwara

Distinguished by having the largest Sarovar (holy pond) among all the Gurudwaras in Punjab, Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Amritsar is a highly visited pilgrim spot. Located in the village of ‘Tarn Taran’, about 28 km from Amritsar, Tarn Taran was basically the name given to the Sarovar. Its spiritual fervor and magnificent architecture attract the tourists from all over to bask in the religious zeal. It is about an hour away from the Golden Temple and also houses the holy weapons of the Sikh Gurus. The visitors visiting this architectural and religious marvel certainly have a delightful experience which is just unparalleled.

History and Story in Brief of Taran Tarn Sahib

Tarn Taran Amritsar was founded in the year 1590 marked by the digging of the lake which became the biggest lake in Punjab. The foundation stone was laid by Dhan Dhan Baba Buddha Ji, a renowned Sikh saint. But the Gurudwara was established by Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Sikh Guru. Surely, the place has a lot to offer from history, tradition, and architecture. The holy building commemorates Guru Ram Das (the founder of the city of Amritsar) who was known to have slept selflessly alongside a leper once.

Architectural and Structural Appeal of Taran Tarn Sahib

Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Gurudwara is a three-storeyed building which is as marvelous and enigmatic as the serene Golden Temple. It is built in the Mughal style of architecture with a lotus dome that was damaged as a result of the 1905 earthquake. The Gurudwara is at one side of the lake and is an elegant structure built with great attention to detail. To be precise, it is on the southeast end of the Sarovar or holy pond and stands in the middle of a marble-floored platform which can be approached through a double-storeyed archway. The 1905 damaged lotus dome was subsequently reconstructed and has an ornamental gold pinnacle with an umbrella-like gold finial. The Gurudwaras' intricate design displays a stucco work with reflecting glass pieces embellishing the ceiling and the interior walls. The upper part of the structure is wrapped with shining golden sheets. The holy book of the Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib is placed on a platform with an elongated dome covered with gold-plated metal sheets. Again, this throne was an offering from Kanwar Nau Nihal Singh who was the grandson of the renowned Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The main hall has a marble inlay along with gold plating. Over the years, more buildings have been erected in the complex.

What’s more about Tarn Taran Sahib?

There are Kirtana recitals every day in the gurudwara right from the early mornings to late evenings which are attended by a lot of visitors. Again, the water of the Sarovar or holy pond is considered to be sacred and is believed to be endowed with several healing qualities for various ailments, including leprosy.

How to Reach Tarn Taran Sahib

The distance between Amritsar and Tarn Taran is about 28 km from Amritsar and one can reach here by hiring a local taxi or car from Amritsar is the most feasible and easiest option. You can also take the bus with the closest bus stop at Tarn Taran which is just 2 km from the Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Gurudwara. The nearest railway station is Tarn Taran which is just 1 km from the Gurudwara while the nearest major railway station is the Amritsar railway station which is connected with the major cities of the country from the numerous trains. The nearest airport is the Raja Sansi Airport which is located at a distance of 43 km. One can hire a taxi or cab from the airport to the Gurudwara sahib.

Best Time to Visit Tarn Taran Sahib

The best time to visit Sri Tarn Taran Sahib is during the months of winter, that is, from October to March. During this period, the weather remains pleasant compared to the hottest months of summer. Fairs are also held on every ‘Amavas’ (dark night) of the month and devotees can visit during this time experience the zeal and vigor of the devotees. The spiritual aura of this place during the festivities is beyond description.

Places to visit near Tarn Taran Sahib

Gurudwara Taran Tarn Sahib is situated at a distance of 28 km from the city centre and Amritsar is sprawling with the innumerable tourist attractions. The famous places to visit near the Taran Tarn Sahib is Gurudwara Harmandir Sahib, Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, Goindwala Sahib, etc.

Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Timings: 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.

Sri Tarn Taran Sahib Entry Fees: Nil

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