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Amritsar is the second-largest city of Punjab and is located in the northern part of the state. This city is home to some of the most revered pilgrimage sites and is being frequented by tourists throughout the year. The city experiences the semi-arid climate throughout the year and this is the reason due to which the city encounters extreme summers and winters. During the monsoon season, the Amritsar climate generally remains cloudy and humid. The best time to visit Amritsar is from November and March when the weather remains comfortable for the sightseeing tour.

Summer Season (April to June):

Summer in Amritsar starts in April and lasts till June. During this season, the region experiences the scorching heat. The daytime temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius in April and in May - June it reaches up to 45 degrees Celsius. The blistering heat waves during this time make the excursion difficult. Summer is not a very good time to visit Amritsar. Sometimes the temperature reached as high as 49 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to carry cotton clothes, an umbrella, sunscreen, and a water bottle with yourself.

Winter Season (October to March):

Winter season in Amritsar sets in from October and lasts till March. The ideal season to visit Amritsar is the winter season as the weather during this time remains ideal for sightseeing. The mornings are peaceful, afternoons are temperate and nights are chilly. The weather in Amritsar in December is usually foggy and the mean temperature hovers around 11 degrees Celsius. The night temperatures in Amritsar in January often drop below 5 degrees Celsius.

The weather during the winter season is highly suitable for sightseeing. This is the most pleasing, cool and ideal time for exploring and viewing the nearby locations. Travelers can get an opportunity to get a glimpse of various festivals such as Guru Nanak Jayanti and Lohri celebrated during this season. Tourists can learn much more about the cultural and traditional heritage of the city during this city as the most famous festivals of the year falls in this season.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

Monsoon season starts in July and lasts till September. During this season, the city remains warm and humid. However, the monsoon season brings relief from the sweltering heat in summer. The city experiences mild to heavy rainfall in August and September mostly. The weather remains humid during the day time. The average temperature in monsoon hovers around 32 degrees Celsius and humidity is around 77%, which may make the sightseeing tour in Amritsar a bit unpleasant. So, monsoon is also not the best time to visit Amritsar. But some people prefer to visit Amritsar in monsoon as rain brings welcome relief to the city and sometimes the weather is pleasant and cloudy.

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