Spiti Tour Packages

Spiti Tour Packages

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a rugged, snow-capped destination in the foothills of the Himalayas, for the adventurous traveler. Lahaul and Spiti belong to the North-Eastern part of Himachal Pradesh and they are set at high altitudes of 3900 to 4200 ft above sea level, at the northernmost points of the Indian Sub-continent close to the Indo-China border.

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List of Spiti Holiday Packages

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Lahaul Spiti Valley Bike Tour
Tour Map

Starts : Manali

Ends : Manali

Lahaul Spiti Valley Bike Tour

Manali - Shoja - Sarhan - Sangla - Kalpa - Nako - Kaza - Ki Kibber - Langza Village - Kaza - Chandra Tal Lake - Manali

Spiti Valley bike tour 2019 is designed for those who have an enthusiasm for exploring the challenging destinations on a bike. Start your scenic ride from Manali and pass through famous hill cities, monasteries, and charming villages.

Trip Highlights
  • Drive across high-altitude passes such as Jalori Pass
  • Explore scenic villages
  • Visit the popular Monasteries
  • Enjoy a night stay in camps
  • Activities :

    Bike tour starts from Manali, explore Kullu Valley, Pass Banjar crossing, Jalori Pass arrive at Shoja, Drive to Sarahan, While driving towards Sangla enjoy views of Kinner, visit villages Chitkul and Rakcham, Overnght stay at Sangla camp, towards Kalpa, Stroll at Mall Road and local temples. Explore Reckong Peo, Drive now towardsNako, Visit Nako Lake and Monastery, Drive towards Kaza en-route visit villages like Chango and Sumra, Drive towards Tabo village visit Tabo Monastery, Stop at Dhankar village visit Dhankar Gompa, Visit Tibetan monastery in Kaza, Explore Kibber village and Langza village, Driv towards Chandra Tal (lake). Overnight camp stay at Chandra Tal, On the way back to Manali visit Rohtang Pass.

10 Days
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Although the terrain is barren, the panorama of the Spiti River and surrounding lofty snow-covered mountains is breathtaking. Being the least populous area, a Spiti Valley tour is the ideal place to relax and commune with nature in its pristine, virgin form. 

The name ‘Spiti’ meaning ‘the middle land’ is apt as this is the region between India and Tibet. Spiti is the gateway to the Northern parts of the country through the snow-covered Ghats. Kaza based along the Spiti River is the sub-divisional Head Quarters of the district of Spiti Valley. The valley is itself snow-laden in winters sitting at an altitude of 3900 m above sea level and is surrounded by towering mountain ranges. 

The beautiful destination of Spiti Valley can be approached either from Kullu-Manali or from the Shimla-Sutlej route. The Spiti Lahaul valley lies on the other side of the Rohtang Pass at 3979 m in the Kullu-Manali route. Spiti and Lahaul lie on either side of the Kunzum pass at 4590m above sea level and both the passes are inaccessible in winter for almost 6-8 months and the route can be pretty treacherous. The Southern route to Spiti Valley from Shimla and Sutlej in Kinnaur district is more accessible and open throughout the year except during snowstorms but this is also cleared up in a day or two. The 412 km road is very picturesque as it follows the Sutlej River up to Samdo near the border and then the Spiti River to Kaza. 

The Spiti River and its tributaries of Tegpo and Kabzian make the region a lovely place to take in the beauty of the lofty Himalayas and the clear waters of the flowing rivers which attain maximum capacity in summer when the glaciers melt. Our Spiti Lahaul Tours are tailored to experience adventure and excitement of the soaring Himalayas. 

Spiti has many attractions to delight the tourist. Among them, our Spiti package tours include the famous Tabo Monastery, Key Monastery, Chandertaal Lake, Kunzum Pass, Suraj Lake, and Dhankar Monastery to mention just a few. 

The artistic paintings at Tabo Monastery with its temples for Tara and Buddha Maitreya attract plenty of tourists. Chandertaal Lake at an altitude of 4300 m is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes with crystal clear waters that reflect the sun rays in a range of colors throughout the day from red, orange, blue to aquamarine blue. Sitting on the Samudra Tapu plateau, Chandertaal Lake is considered a Holy lake as it was once the place where Lord Indra lifted Yudhistra, eldest of the Pandava brothers from the Mahabharata onto his chariot. Devotees throng the lake for a dip in the sacred waters. The crescent shape of the lake gives it its name meaning ‘Moon Lake’.

Dhankar Lake and Suraj Taal Lake are lovely Lakes set in equally spectacular environs. Treks to the lakes are well-trodden and the views of the mighty Himalayan peaks from various look-out points are magnificent, attracting photographers from all over. 

Key Monastery, sitting prettily atop a craggy hilltop, is a fine place to visit in the Spiti Valley where many Lamas have been trained. The monastery has deflected several attacks due to its unique location and is still a seat of learning and religious prayer; an ideal destination for souls seeking solitude and solace. 

Spiti valley is linked to Kullu and Lahaul through the Kunzum Pass. Called Kunzum La locally, this is among the highest motorable passes in India which are located at an altitude of 4550 m above sea level. Tourists taking this trail must circumambulate the temple of Goddess Kunzum before journeying through the pass to Chandertaal Lake or any of the trekking trails for a safe passage. The panoramic views from the pass are breathtaking and will stay in the mind for years after your Spiti Tour.

The Spiti tour package is incomplete without a visit to Pin Valley and the Pin Valley National Park. Although the terrain is barren and a cold desert, it is inhabited by the rare snow-leopard, Ibex, red fox, weasel and Marten as well as numerous varieties of birds like the golden eagle, Pika, Snowcock, Choker, Bharal, and the bearded vulture. The diverse flora is fascinating too. Spanning over 675 sq km and a further 1150 sq km the National park needs a permit for entry.

Spiti tour packages are fitted with adventure and fun set in the most beautiful location in Himachal Pradesh. Check out our Spiti tours and book the best package for your needs.

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