Wildlife Sanctuaries in West India

In India the presence of hundreds of National Park, Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries is best to exemplify the importance it lies in nature and wildlife conservation. This diverse land is popular amongst the tourists for its ancient monuments, culture and heritage and also for featuring an incredible wildlife. The wide landscape of the country changes frequently after traveling every few miles bringing a change in the climatic condition and the rich flora and fauna.  It would be best to decide upon the particular types of wildlife one would love to see on a wildlife adventure trip.

For the tourists who are most interested in visiting the Asiatic lions should head towards the states located in Western India. This region of India is densely populated with Asiatic lions and is famed to be the last aboard of them.  While exploring the rugged terrain of West India the sight of exotic tigers and chirping birds from close quarters makes any avid wildlife lover feel splendid. The wildlife sanctuaries and parks were developed in the western India with a vision to preserve some of the endangered species like the Asiatic lions and Wild Ass. The wildlife parks and sanctuaries of Western India support a huge variety of animals like Elephants, Blackbucks, Ridley Turtles, Eels, Wolves and Desert Cats and Rhinoceros.

This western belt of India is home to more than 50+national parks and sanctuaries which provide for the most appropriate environment for the nurturing of various exotic species. The western region of India consists of states like Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra and some parts of Rajasthan.

The most important Wildlife sanctuaries of West India are Sasangir Sanctuary, Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and Dhangadhra Sanctuary. Other important wildlife sanctuaries in western India are the Wild Ass Sanctuary, Balaram Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary, Kutch Bustard Sanctuary, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary and the Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary. The best way to explore these national parks is while enjoying a jungle or elephant safari. 

There is sanctity of accommodation options available in these wildlife reserves. These wildlife sanctuaries are surrounded by numerous jungle resorts and forest lodges. One can opt for staying in any one of them. These jungle resorts are well appointed with all modern facilities. The comforting rooms of these resorts take away all your tiredness. The in-house restaurants present in some of the resorts offer its guests with mouthwatering cuisines.  The best way to explore these national parks is while enjoying a jungle or elephant safari.  

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