Wildlife Sanctuaries in East India

The wildlife sanctuaries present in the Eastern region of the Indian are famous for their diverse and unique flora and fauna. This region is home to some of the most endangered spices of the world. Kaziranga National Park one of the finest wildlife sanctuaries situated in the eastern region of India is home to some of the amazing wildlife like wild buffalos and one-horned Rhinoceros While the grasslands are famous as the homes of Hispid Hare and Pigmy Hog. The sanctuaries situated in East of India feature varied and rich landscapes and along with picturesque beauty and are perfect for nurturing of various species.    

The most important Wildlife sanctuaries in East India are Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and Sundarbans. Other important wildlife sanctuaries in East India are the Namdapha Wildlife Sanctuary, Sirohi Wildlife Sanctuar, Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary and the Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Some of the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary present in the East India are home to one-horned Rhinoceros and also has sizable population of tigers and wild buffalos along with elephants. The Park also has a sizable population of rare exotic birds. The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary also features as one of the best wildlife sanctuaries of the East India and was established in the year 1928 which again is home to more than 20 endangered species of wild animals and birds.  Sundarbans also situated in the terrains of East India is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the largest Tiger Reserve in India. A trip to Sundarbans is a paradise for avid birdwatchers is sure to make one feel delighted and at the same time is home to more than 250 tigers.  

One need not worry while planning a wildlife adventure trip to this part of the country since the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries’ located in this region are dotted with a large number of accommodation options. All the jungle resorts present in the close proximity of these parks are well appointed with modern amenities and facilities to provide its guests with all the worldly comforts during their stay.  

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