Wildlife Sanctuaries in Central India

The wildlife present in the central India has attracted a large number of wildlife researchers and enthusiasts from all corners of the world. On exploring central India one can enjoy discovering its rich and varied flora and fauna. With so much to offer to the avid wildlife adventurers it is considered as one of the popular wildlife tourist destinations. The wildlife present in central India includes monkeys, leopards, tigers, deer’s etc.  The exotic wildlife present in this region of India can be seen in various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries situated in the different states.

Some of the most important Wildlife sanctuaries present in Central India are Kanha National Park, Shivpuri Wildlife National Park and Pench National Park. Other important wildlife sanctuaries in central India are the Bandhavgarh National Park, Panna Wildlife National Park, Karera Bird Sancutary and the Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary. The wildlife reserves are refuge to a large number of species and pleasure visitors with the opportunities to watch untamed flora and fauna in these picturesque surroundings. This region of Indian is known for its diverse topography and is very favorable for the growth of exotic vegetation.

The central region of India features around 35 wildlife sanctuaries and nearly 15 national parks having unique flora and fauna present in its surroundings. With the entire central region laying in Peninsular Plateau it comes as an interesting fact that 22 percent of the total tigers’ population in India is inhabitant in tiger reserves present in Central India. To get to the interiors of the park one needs to choose from between either a jeep safari of elephant safari for enjoying the sight of fascinating Deer, wild buffalo, mocking hill myna, jackal etc. visiting White Tigers the major attractions of Bandhavgarh National Park at close quarters is most satisfying.

There are a large number of accommodation options available in the central part of the country. Various jungle resorts and wildlife lodge dotted around the various Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of this region are well equipped with all modern day facilities to make the stay of its guests very comfortable. 

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