National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India, blessed with symmetrically asymmetric lands and life forms alike, is home to more than 440 wildlife sanctuaries and 89 national parks. The sheer variety of flora and fauna observed on its land and in its air make India such a popular wildlife destination. While Indian wildlife sanctuaries in the north such as Karakoram and Lachipora in Jammu and Kashmir and Askot in Uttarakhand breed some of the finest Indian wild boars; those in the south boast of a rich avian diversity. And then there are the most popular Indian wildlife sanctuaries such as the Corbett National Park and Gir Forests (Asiatic Lions), Kanha National Park and the Kazhiranga National Park (Rhinoceros).

North India Wildlife Sanctuaries

India is the most sought after wildlife tourist destination with 88 National Parks and 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries. Within India, you can find the finest Wildlife Sanctuaries in North India.

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South India Wildlife Sanctuaries

India attracts tourists from across the world owing to its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Many erstwhile private hunting reserves of the British Raj and Indian aristocracy have been converted to wildlife sanctuaries.

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East India Wildlife Sanctuaries

India is one of the most adored wildlife destinations in the world with an astounding total of 88 National Parks and 490 Wildlife Sanctuaries, housing over 390 mammals, 455 reptiles, 210 amphibians,

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West India Wildlife Sanctuaries

Tigers, Panthers, Sambhars, Cheetahs, Lions, Antelopes, Rhinoceros - Explore the glorious Indian wildlife in the hinterlands of the Western Ghats. Club your holidays with beach sojourns in Goa.

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Central India Wildlife Sanctuaries

The great variety of the flora and fauna in India attracts thousands of wildlife enthusiasts, researchers, tourists, bird watchers and adventure freaks..

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