Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is an iconic place that offers a mix of incredible landscapes and rich biodiversity. This wildlife sanctuary is settled on the bank of the Kabini River and covers an area of around 55 acres. Kabini is one of the most famous wildlife destinations in South India and is counted as one of the largest forest areas in this region. Moreover, this dense forest is blessed with lakes, steep valleys, and streams, which gives more than enough reasons to fall in love with this wildlife sanctuary. Kabini attracts wildlife enthusiasts, nature admirers, and tourists who love the peaceful environment of the forest. The only sounds you hear are the whispering of dry leaves, the chirpings of birds, and the flowing river Kabini. And sometimes, the sounds of animals can give you chills and add some thrill to your vacation. However, safari rides in Kabini are dedicated activities to getting the thrilling vibe amidst the natural beauty and spotting a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Quick Fact

It is believed that the chances of spotting Black Panther on the full moon or new moon day is high. If you want to test your luck, you can plan your jungle safari during that particular time to get a sight of Black Panther.

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    (March – June)

    Kabini becomes a hotspot in summer for those more inclined toward exploring the jungle’s wildlife. Even if the temperature is around 35 °C, the chances of spotting wild animals are also highest in this season. Animals come out from their shelter in search of water, and it is an ideal chance to spot tigers, black panthers, deer, and gaurs easily in the summer months. In fact, other animals in the forest are also looking for water holes to beat the heat. This heat might be a little bit uncomfortable for some tourists, but fret not; the views and sights are worth it.


    (July – September)

    Monsoon season in Kabini brings rain with an average of around 1,000 mm to 1,500 mm of rainfall. This season introduces humidity to the climate conditions and receives fewer tourists as the rainfall can sometimes make sightseeing difficult. On top of that, the best part is that you will get the best sight of nature during this season, and for rain lovers, this season is bliss in itself.


    (October – March)

    Winter season is considered the best time to visit Kabini as the weather is pleasant to enjoy safari and birdwatching. Moreover, you will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy birdwatching and explore nearby tourist attractions. The temperature of Kabini in winter revolves between 6°C and 26°C, making the climate pleasant for indulging in outdoor activities. In addition, you can spot exotic and endangered bird species in winter.


    Coimbatore International Airport is the nearest airport to reach Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary and is located at 242 km. This airport is well-connected with national and international destinations. Moreover, regular flights from the major destinations of India are also available. After reaching the airport, you can drive through NH 181 to reach Kabini by taking a bus, cab, or taxi. 
    Mysore Railway Station is the closest junction from Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located around 80 km from the wildlife sanctuary and is well-connected to the major destinations of India. Another railway station is Bangalore Junction which is around 230 km from Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. Both railway stations of Karnataka offer Taxis, cabs, and buses for easy connectivity. You can choose rail mode to reach Kabini if you are coming from the nearby states.
    One of the most approachable ways to reach Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary is by road. En route to Kabini, the green shade of encompassing tropical timberlands is outstanding and a treat for your eyes. If you are coming with your own vehicle, by road is your top choice. You can make several stops while riding for attractions and have snacks during your ride. However, several private and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation buses (KSRTC) run between Kabini and major destinations in Karnataka.


    • There are various types of safari provided by authorities. Choose the right one for you.
    • Cross-check the weather condition before planning your Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary.
    • It is essential to book your safari in advance to enjoy a hassle-free journey in Kabini.
    • Make sure to carry a good-quality camera to enjoy sightings in the jungle at its best.
    • Carry your water bottle, a hat, and binoculars to enhance your overall experience.


    What is the best time to visit Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary?

    October to May is the ideal time to plan your tour of Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. During this time, you will have a great opportunity to explore the wide range of flora and fauna. Moreover, from sightseeing to indulging in outdoor activities in and around the forest area, winter is an ideal choice. 

    Why is Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary famous?

    Kabini is an incredible land where you will find astonishing elements of wilderness and natural beauty. This sanctuary is widely popular for its diverse range of flora and fauna, several safari types, and its jungle resorts.

    How far is Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary from Bangalore

    The distance between Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary to Bangalore is around 2,016 km, and you can cover this distance within 5 hours. You can catch state-run buses and also take a cab or taxi to reach Kabini from Bangalore.