Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Gomarda in central India, is home to an exotic wildlife sanctuary. Located 60 km from the district of Raigarh, Chattisgarh, the Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary spans across 275 sq. km in area. The sanctuary was inaugurated in 1975 and is home to a number of exotic wildlife – especially deers and antelopes. Other animals prominently seen are Barking deers, Chausingha, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Nilgiri, Sambhars and Jackals. The bird community is fairly vivid too – jungle fowls, wood peacocks, gray partridges, parrots and storks making it to the list.

Around Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. Other popular tourist destinations near Gomarda village are  Bilaspur, Hirakud Reservoir, Junagadh and Rourkela.

How to Reach

The Gomarda Wildlife sanctuary is conveniently located and is well accessible by road and rail. When looking for directions, ask for Sarangarh, the nearest Tehsil.  The drive between Raigarh and Gomarda village hardly takes an hour. Those flying in from metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mubai, Bangalore etc. can land at Raipur airport and further take a cab to Sarangarh. Public transport is scarce and avoidable.

Travel Tips

As part of basic travel courtesy, visitors should not cause any intentional damage to the  sanctuary’s flora and fauna. This includes plucking flowers, uprooting plants and trampling flower beds. Visitors should not kindle any kind of fire or create litter with matches and cigarette buds. Most importantly, visitors must maintain the sanctuary’s cleanliness. Any firearms or chemicals are strictly prohibited. Playing radio and tape recorders at high volumes might scare, disturb or irritate the animals.


Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary, like most of central India, experiences a temperate climate. The district is 217 meters above sea level and sees temperatures hovering between 8-25oC (winters) and 29.5 – 49oC (summers). Easily, winters are the best time to visit Gomarda.

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