Nethidopani, Sunderbans

Nethidopani, Sunderbans

Nethidopani is a popular tourist destination during his visit to the Sunderbans, which accommodates a temple of about 400 years old. A large number of tourists visit the Sunderbans to perform puja at Nethidopani temple. Nethidopani is a portion of the central area of the Sunderbans. It is an exceptional location where you can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger if you are lucky. This watchtower has thick forest sites with a beautiful pavement around made of cement, and which may please your quest of finding the most amazing creature of the region.

Legends and Beliefs

This is another watchtower in the arrangement of a few watchtowers and is related to the legend of Behula and Lakhindari. Legend has it that Behula, while going with her dead spouse on his final voyage on the boat, was passing the bank of what is currently called the Nethidopani, saw an intriguing thing. A lady was washing garments and a youngster was constantly upsetting her.

Irritated, she sprinkled some water on the kid. The kid got inert. The lady completed her washing and afterward again sprinkled some water on the kid, reciting a few mantras, to breathe back life into him.

Behula all of a sudden thought that this was the one who has the power to bring her husband back to life. She steered the boat to the bank. There was a lady (Nethidopani), she asked to teach her the verses. This lady helped bring her husband back to life. It was from this Ghat, Behula went to heaven. Today one can see the view of the Shiva temple from this watchtower, the Shiva temple is a 400-year-old monument. It is also said that on the extreme right of the forest is a road which was constructed by emperor Pratapaditya. The main purpose of the road was to protect the coastal region. It is now covered with earth. It also consists of a sweet water pond. This watchtower can host 20 persons at a time.

Permission for Nethidopani

Tourists require to get permission to visit the Nethidopani from the Sajnekhali Forest Office and boat will take you to the island.

How to reach Nethidopani

Nethidopani is the core area of Sunderbans and it is an excellent site to spot some of the most exotic species of wildlife. You can hire a boat from Sunderbans which can take you the Nethidopani. It is situated a few kilometers from Sajnekhali and Sundhanyakhali. Numerous boats commence for Nethidopani every day.

Best time to reach Nethidopani

November to February is the best time to visit Nethidopani as the weather during this time of the year remains cool which is favorable for the sightseeing tour. 

Nethidopani Timings:7:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

Nethidopani Entry Fees: INR 800 for boat entry into this region

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