Best Time to Visit Sunderban

September to March is the best time to visit Sunderban National Park. The summertime could be quite hot and the temperature goes high but it is the perfect time to visit the wildlife sanctuary while the winter season is being the most pleasant period in this area. On the other hand, the monsoon season comes with showers and makes traveling a little bit difficult but the lush green surroundings attract tourists. So the wintertime is the best time to visit Sunderban.

Summer Season (April to June):

The summer months in the Sunderbans are humid, hot, and all-around uncomfortable for the visitors. Most locals and visitors avoid visiting this park because the temperatures lie between 30 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius. Even, the tremendous heat waves and the dearth of water increase the problems for travelers.

Winter Season (October to March):

The winter season is the best season to visit Sunderbans as well as to witness the beauty and aura of this national park. The climatic situations of this season are quite pleasant and even give relief to the animals that are living on the premises of the Sunderban National Park. The temperature ranges between 10 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius so that it is considered as the ideal time to explore the forests and experience the natural beauty of this majestic region.

During this season, the visitors have more chances to spot bird species and animals in their natural habitat and bask in the sun on the banks of rivers, thus, it is the best time to visit Sunderbans. People can enjoy the popular boat safari in the river because the river is not dangerous and over flooded. Also, people can try various local foods while boating during their day safari. However, tourists enjoy a comfortable trip in the dense forest in this season.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

The monsoon season receives heavy rains that bring back life to the delta after the scorching summers. With the rainfall, the animals of the park get relief from the summer heat and the temperature drops down between 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. But sometimes, the river is overflowing with rainwater which is the primary mode of transport to the Sunderbans that makes it extremely risky for the tourists to reach there and access its premises.

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