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The Sundarban National Park is well-known for hosting the largest mangrove forests all over the world and the meaning of “Sundarbans” is “Beautiful Forests”. The Sundarban spreads over about 3861 square miles at the mouth of the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers and bordering the Bay of Bengal. With the Sunderban travel guide, you will get a deep insight into the national park. Take a look before planning the Sunderban trip.

The Sunderban National Park is a Biosphere Reserve and a Tiger Reserve that gives a full-fledged nature’s circle to people right from “Royal Bengal Tigers” to beautiful estuaries and roaring rivers. This national park is considered as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites with a wide variety of birds as well as reptiles including the salt-water crocodile.

The Sundarbans National Park has the largest population of the Royal Bengal Tigers and this park is shared between India and Bangladesh. The Sundarban is the natural home to the most endangered and dangerous predators and a large array of wild species of flora and fauna. The Sunderban tourist guide gives an opportunity to explore this wildlife destination which is unique in India for nature lovers as well as wildlife lovers. Here, tourists not only enjoy the sighting of the wild species but also witness the pristine and scenic view of the tranquil delta land.

The dense forests of the Sundarban are the most prominent hub of the wildlife tourism in India. The tiger lovers and wildlife enthusiasts come to explore this place from all over the world. The Sundarbans consist of hundreds of canals and creeks which are the lifeline of this mangrove forest. During the early morning, all the birds and animals come to these canals and creeks to drink water and a noiseless row-boat ride on canals and creeks give the best experience to the riders. Furthermore, people can enjoy a 10 km long trail from Kochikhali to Kotka which gives a wonderful experience to discover the forest. During evening times, the visitors can sit quietly on the watchtowers and enjoy the gorgeous surroundings as well as can spot many wild animals.

In addition to it, the tourists can stay in the houseboats to spend the night which is placed on the rivers in different areas of the forest. During night safari, the visitors can listen to the sound of nature and sit quietly on the open deck of the boat. Apart from it, there are 64 varieties of Mangroves such as Sundari Trees, Goran, Kankra, Genwa, Passur, etc. and some endangered species like King Crabs, Batagur Baska, Turtle, and Olive Ridley. Here, tourists can easily find the giant lizards, jungle fowl, wild boar, spotted dear, etc. in this region.

Sundarbans National Park travel guide includes the two main viewpoints: Katka Point and Hiron Point that provide fantastic views of the animals in the wilderness. People can also enjoy the mud-flats that are called Chargheri Char where the adventure seekers enjoy the coastal trekking. It is a perfect escape for people from their hectic life into the lap of Mother Nature.

The boating time in the national park begins at 8:30 A.M and ends at 4:00 P.M. The boat safari is not allowed after 6:30 P.M. The boat safaris are available in large and small sizes which are operated by the government so that small ones for smaller durations and larger ones for longer durations. People can book AC and Non-AC boats for one day and a longer period of time. People can also book the cruise, private boats, and private cruise tours as per their choices.

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Best Time to Visit Sunderban

Winter is the best time to visit Sunderban as during the summer and monsoon season, the region experiences sweltering heat and humidity which makes the outdoor activities and exploration difficult.

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How To Reach Sunderban

Sunderbans is only accessible by riverine. The nearest airport is the Kolkata International Airport which is located at a distance of 129 km from the national park. The nearest railhead is the Canning railway station which is at 48 km. Here we have given the brief about how to reach Sunderbans by a different mode of transports.

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