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A trip to Kolkata cannot be complete without seeing Howrah Bridge and a memorable token of its photographs. The suspended bridge was constructed in the British Raj, built back in 1943 and became immortalised in many Bollywood and Hollywood films. The old Howrah Bridge is also known as Ravindra Setu. Its identity is much more than the townships of Kolkata and other neighbourhoods. The splendour of the Howrah Bridge while flying over Kolkata International Airport will spontaneously catch your attention. Walking on Kolkata Howrah Bridge in the evening, amidst the cool breeze coming from the river, watching the ships and boats passing under the bridge will prove to be an unforgettable experience. If you are in Howrah then do not forget to visit this beautiful romantic place.

Howrah Bridge is located in Kolkata (West Bengal). Its construction began in 1939 and it was opened to the public in 1943. When the Howrah Bridge connecting Howrah and Kolkata was completed, its name was New Howrah Bridge. On 14 June 1965, it was renamed Rabindra Setu after Guru Rabindranath Tagore but the nickname still remained Howrah Bridge.

Howrah Bridge, Kolkata is a tourist destination in Kolkata city of West Bengal. This bridge has become the identity of Kolkata today. It is a swinging bridge and there is always movement of trains on this Kolkata Howrah Bridge. You can also enjoy a morning walk on this bridge. It is the sixth-largest bridge of its kind.

Cost of construction

It is estimated that the construction of this big bridge was Rs 333 crore. It is one of the cantilever bridges in the world. It is made from 26,500 tons of steel. Carries 60,000 vehicles and pedestrians daily.

It is a notable milestone of the city of Kolkata. On River Hooghly, the bridge is the entrance into Kolkata, as it is connecting the city to the Howrah Station, the most significant train station of Kolkata. It took around 7 long long times to construct the Kolkata Howrah Bridge. Howrah Bridge spans a length of 1528 feet and a width of 62 feet. On the two sides of the bridge, there are concretes of 7 feet in width. It is a cantilever bridge and there has been no use of nuts and bolts which is the amazing thing about the bridge. It is the fourth busiest Cantilever bridge in the world. 

Brief History of the Howrah Bridge 

Before this, there was a bridge floating on the Hooghly River. But when the water increased in the river, this bridge used to be jammed. In 1933, it was decided to replace it with a big bridge. A new bridge began to be built from 1937 onwards. The British company entrusted with the task of constructing this bridge was told that it would use steel made in India. Most of India 's steel is installed in this bridge.

How to reach Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge is situated in the heart of the Kolkata and the nearby railway station is the Kolkata Railway Station which is located at a 6 km. One can hire a taxi or catch a bus to reach there. The nearest airport is the Kolkata Airport which is an international airport and is situated 13 km from the bridge. The Howrah Bridge is easily accessible from the city.

Best time to visit Howrah Bridge

October to March is the best time to visit the Howrah Bridge. During the winter season, the weather of Kolkata remains comfortable and less humid. The region experiences the mild winters and the climatic conditions remain favourable for the sightseeing tour.

Places to visit near Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu is one of the tourist attractions of Kolkata and is being thrived by the tourists throughout the year. The nearby places from the Howrah Bridge are Kalighat Temple, Indian Museum, Marble Palace, Shaheed Minar, etc, where you can visit and enjoy the sightseeing tour of the city.

Howrah Bridge Timings: 24-hours

Howrah Bridge Entry Fees:Nil

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