Tourist Attractions in Kalimpong

Kalimpong, the name in itself is enough to conjure up images of misty mountains, beautiful scenery, lovely people and the scintillating aroma of Darjeeling tea. Located in the northern part of West Bengal, Kalimpong has over the years come out of the shadow of Darjeeling and has emerged as one of the most pristine holiday locations in India. Let us have a look at some of the most famous tourist attractions in Kalimpong which one should visit during their Kalimpong tour.

Durpin Dara Hill - This is a small hilltop located in Kalimpong, it offers some of the most splendid views of Kalimpong. You can view the mesmerizing Himalayas with the Teesta River flowing through them. The hill also has the Zang Dhok Palri monastery where you can spend some quiet time and observe the gifts of nature. The botanical garden located here is also worth seeing.

Cactus Nursery - Visit the cactus nursery and enjoy the thorny beauty of this place. You will be awe-inspired on seeing the wide variety of beautiful cactus plants that are put up for display here. Kalimpong is famous all over the country for its cactus nurseries and it exports these beautiful plants all over the country.

Teesta River - Drink some fresh mountain water right of the Teesta River and feel refreshed. Want to go on an adventure? Then Teesta River is just the place, you can go on river rafting here and enjoy the thrill of feeling the splash of icy cold water against your face. Even if you are not the adventurous type of person you will still enjoy the ethereal beauty of Teesta River.

Nature Interpretation Centre - The center was built to bridge the gap between humanity and nature, a gap that has widened in these modern times. Managed by the forest department, this center assesses the impact of human activities on the environment of Kalimpong. You will find various books, pictures and other sources of information on the surrounding ecology here.

Neora Valley National Park - One of the most important tourist spots near Kalimpong, the Neora Valley National Park was established in 1986. Spread over an area of around 90 sq km, the park is considered as one of the most ecologically diverse national parks in the eastern part of India. The park owes its name to the Neora River which flows right inside the park. Go on a wilderness expedition here as the lush green woods of this park are yet unexplored. Trekking and nature walks are popular here and you will enjoy your rendezvous with nature here, that’s a promise! The park is famous all over east India as the land of Red Panda as this is the prime animal which you can find here. 

Many Kalimpong tourist places attract thousands of tourists each year to this beautiful place. We hope that you have found our list of Kalimpong sightseeing places enticing, we promise you that the experience is more exciting. If you are planning for the Kalimpong trip then you can take a look at our Kalimpong tour packages. Indian Holidays offer a wide range of Kalimpong holiday packages which can give you a memorable vacation.

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