Augustmuni Temple in Rudraprayag

Augustmuni Temple in Rudraprayag

Augustmuni Temple is dedicated to one of the most respected teachers of India mythology namely Rishi Augusta. This temple is situated in the quaint little town of Rudraprayag and the village named after the renowned sage. The temple is one of the prominent places to visit during the Char Dham Yatra as this place owns a helipad nearby. Phata helipad is situated at around 50 km from Augustmuni en route to Kedarnath and 18 km short of Gaurikund. This place of worship houses an August Kund and a temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Legends and Mythologies:

Augustmuni Temple holds an archeological significance as the idols of deities has been carved out of stone. It is believed that Saint Augusta offers prayers to the Lord here and the temple was flooded with water. All these things have seen by a local in dreams and when people visited here they found Saint Augusta Kund. The locals established the idol that is in the worshipped form of the saint. There are several legends related to this place. According to another legend, it is believed that saint visited this place when the people were terrified by two demons who used to disguise themselves and invite people for lunch at their place. One demon used to turn into a dwarf and used to hide in the food being offered. With food, he entered into the person's body and then cut it inside out when called by the other one. Then they ate the person. The locals were terrified by the monster brothers and asked the saint for help. He went to a monster's place to eat food and the monsters did the same trick with him as well. Saint Augusta started doing some spells so this killed one demon and the other was killed in the battle with the saint. This is how people living in this place got rid of the two monster brothers with the help of Saint Augusta.

Location of Augustmuni Temple:

This beautiful temple is located on the bank of Mandakini River and offers a majestic view of the snow-clad mountains in the backdrop of the temple. One can reach the temple by helicopter as Pawan Hans operates flights to Kedarnath from Augustmuni and Phata. The flying time is 45 minutes for a round trip to visit Kedarnath from Augustmuni in the helicopter. This place is full of spirituality and serenity. It is a perfect place to delve into the spiritual vibes and relax in this peaceful place. This place with its history and heritage intact is a wonderful place to attain salvation and inner peace.

How to reach:

The nearest airport from Rudraprayag is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun which is located at a distance of 107 km. One can easily avail of a cab or taxi from the airport and the public bus is also available till Rudraprayag. While the nearest railway station is Rishikesh railway station which is situated at a distance of 87 km. One can catch the bus from Rishikesh to the Rudraprayag. The temple is well-connected by road. The buses that ply in and out of the city regularly connecting to the nearby cities.

Best time to visit:

The temple can be visited throughout the year excepted the three months of the monsoon season as the heavy rainfall makes the roads slippery and makes it impossible to drive these paths smoothly. During the summers, the weather remains pleasant and a perfect time to explore this place while during the winter season this place receives snowfall and the surroundings look mesmerizing amidst the snow-laden peaks

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