Best Time to Visit Kedarnath

Summer Season (May to June):

It is the best season to visit Kedarnath. The late spring season in Kedarnath begins from May and keeps going till June. The base temperature goes down to 4-degree Celsius and the most extreme temperature extends around 18-degree Celsius. The days highlight splendid daylight and evenings being cold. Summers are the best time to visit Kedarnath sanctuary in Uttarakhand.

Winter Season (October to April):

Midwinter is not the best time to visit the Kedarnath temple. Winters in Kedarnath are nippy and very cold due to its high height in the Himalayan district. The winter season begins in October and goes on until April end. The base temperature can fall underneath the point of solidification – zero degree Celsius. The temperature ranges from - 6 degrees Celsius to a limit of 13 degrees Celsius. Kedarnath additionally encounters overwhelming precipitation throughout the winter season. The temples stay shut from November until the finish of April.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

This is not the best time to go to Kedarnath to encounter substantial precipitation consistently during the monsoon season. The monsoon season in Kedarnath begins in July and lasts till the finish of September. The most extreme precipitation is in the long stretch of August. The dangers of the avalanche are higher during the rainstorm season in Kedarnath on account of which the sanctuaries are not open for pioneers. The temperature during monsoon season runs between 7 degrees Celsius and 19 degrees Celsius.

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