Lakshmi ashram Kausani

The Lakshmi Ashram Kausani was built by Catherine Hailman in 1948. She was an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi. It is also known as the Sarala Ashram. The founder of the ashram was a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. In 1931, she left London and joined the "Freedom Movement" of Mahatma Gandhi. She later changed her name to Sarla Ben and set up the ashram to educate the girls living in the Himalayan region. The girls are taught about cooking, growing vegetables, caring for the animals and cleaning at the ashram. Not only that, but there are many orphaned girls and women in the ashram. The main objective of the Lakshmi Ashram Kausani is to give the Kumaon women a safe place to live, and at the same time teach them skills in which they could become self-sufficient.

The Lakshmi Ashram Kausani has situated about one km from the Anasakti Ashram in Kausani. Based on the lap of Himalayas the ashram with its serenity spreads peace all around the town. The Lakshmi Ashram consists of a boarding school which accommodates on the girls. Being self-sufficient, the ashram runs the school independently. It is important to maintain silence while you are visiting the Ashram also since it is a school so you must be silent when in the ashram. 

You will get to understand the history of the Lakshmi Ashram Kausani which has a connection with the colonial times of the British rule. After visiting the Ashram experience quaint scenery outside as the site is one of the most picturesque and mind-blowing landscapes of Kausani. There are no exact guidelines available but you always get in touch with the officials for any information about the ashram. It is not a problem to visit the Lakshmi Ashram Kausani any time of the year as the weather remains good all year round. However, between April and September is the ideal time to visit the place as at that time the climate is fairly modest and amiable. 

The Lakshmi Ashram Kausani is a delightful tour to visit this spectacular Himalayan town. It is just within the walking distance from the Kausani town and it is not that difficult if you don’t have any transport. But if you are staying far then you can hire a cab or an auto-rickshaw and reach the Lakshmi Ashram. The Ashram follows Gandhian principles and the basic education provided here is also called Nai Talim, which was thought by Mahatma Gandhi.

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