Bada Bazar, Haridwar

Bada Bazar, Haridwar

It is a unique experience to go shopping in the many markets in India. They may be loud and busy but that is the whole fun of shopping. If you plan on visiting one of India’s spiritual and religious places like Haridwar, you will find many such places to shop. Amongst the many, Bada Bazar in Haridwar has a reputation for being one of the trendiest shopping paradises in the city. This famous market place is located near Har ki Pauri which is a popular Ghat that is situated on the banks of the River Ganges. As the name suggests, Bada means big so you will find all kinds of items to buy and may take almost a day to completely explore the shopping area. This busy lane market is filled with religious trinkets like the Rudraksha seeds and various other items. Most of which are the things that arouse the interests of tourists, mainly foreigners. You can find intricately designed wooden items and beautiful handicraft goods that are hard to resist. 

If you crave for some Indian spices, the market also has many sweet shops selling delicious milk sweets. One of the many mouth-watering sweets you must try is the Peda. It sells amongst many households and it is also an authentic sweet dish used throughout the festive season like Diwali. This milk sweet is popular throughout India and is also a favorite amongst the tourists. If you are in Haridwar, home of the Ayurveda institute you must buy some medicinal items as well. Bada Bazaar also sells various medicinal items that are consumed by most of the locals. Make sure to try churan which is a digestive medicine perfect to cut down the stomach ache after eating too many spices. The rest of the Ayurvedic medicines are sold to soothe all types of pain and heartburn. 

The market does not limit to just medicines and ornaments, it also has tons of clothing items to which people thrive. It sells all kinds of clothing items, from light clothing to warm woolens. You can find colorful bags and also decorative jewelry alongside traditional footwear. You can also find many cafes alongside the shops in Bada Bazar so that you can unwind and browse through the market and the items you bought. 


Bada Bazaar, Haridwar Timings: 9:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M

Bada Bazaar, Haridwar Entry Fees: Nil

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