Best Time to Visit Uttarakhand

Summer Season (March to June):

Summer in Uttarakhand is very pleasant as the climate remains cool from March to June. The chill of winter is gone, the flowers are in full bloom and it is time for celebration. The average temperature of Uttarakhand during the day in summer ranges from 20° Celsius to 35° Celsius, thus keeping the environment cool and pleasant. Summer nights in Uttarakhand are more relaxed with an average temperature of 18° Celsius. Summer brings with it a potpourri of breathtaking natural beauty and there is an unmistakable freshness in air making summer as Uttarakhand best time to visit.

Winter Season (October to February):

It is indeed a pleasant sight to behold the huge Himalayan Mountains covered with snow. Winter in Uttarakhand begins in October and continues till February. As you ascend the hills in winter, every twist and turn on the snow-covered roads, offers sights that are a treat to the eyes. The temperature during the day remains between 5° Celsius to 15° Celsius. The night temperature falls below 5° Celsius, often going down to 0° Celsius. Whether you want a wonderful hill-station holiday, or a spiritual trip or explore nature, this is the best season to visit Uttarakhand for your winter vacation.

Monsoon Season (July to September):

From July to September it rains in Uttarakhand, the sky opens up and it turns the land into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. Several places in Uttarakhand are worth a visit during monsoon as the state is filled with natural beauty with regular showers of rain. However, a trip to Uttarakhand during July and August should be avoided as the valley receives a huge amount of rainfall during these months, thus making it impossible to enjoy the beauty of the valley.

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