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The best attraction of the spot is unquestionably Badrinath Temple. Other than Badrinath Temple, there are various other entrancing and fundamental spots that can be visited too in Badrinath. Badrinath Temple is one of the most revered temples amongst the Hindus. It is one of the prominent shrines of the Chota Char Dham and Char Dham Yatra. A large number of devotees flocks here to seek blessings from the Lord Badri who was the incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. Among the popular vacation destinations in Badrinath town are Bhim Pul, Mana, Mata Murti Temple, and Vyas Cave. The greater part of the attractions discovers notice in different legends. Apart from these, there are several other tourist attractions in Badrinath. 

Charan Paduka is one of the famous tourist attraction which is situated nearby the temple and this place has a footprint on the rock which is believed to be of Lord Vishnu’s footprints. Vasudhara Falls is another famous place which is situated at 6 km from the Badrinath. It is believed that this place has been a resting place of Pandavas. It is also believed that the waterfall turns away from the visitor's impure in thought and heart. Tapt Kund is a natural hot water spring, situated above the bank of the Alaknanda River. This natural spring has medicinal properties and a large number of people take a dip in the Kund.

Vyas Gupha (Vyas Cave), Vasudhara, Bhim Shila (Bhimpul), Narad and Surya Kunds are other consecrated and worth seeing spots in the close to surroundings of the sanctuary. Vasudhara is a celebrated cascade (around 123 meters.) practically opposite yet gives a brilliant and beautiful view. A colossal stone piece covering a restricted chasm of Saraswati is called as Bhim Shila as it is said that Bhima put this chunk on the crevasse of the waterway to help Pandavas to cross the stream on their approach to paradise. The heated water springs of Narada Kund and Surya Kund are the washing resorts for pioneers.

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