Radha Kund, Govardhan

Radha Kund, Govardhan

Radha Kund is located near Govardhana Hill in the small town of Mathura. The Radha Kund is popular as the Holy Pond which is known by the same name. It is regarded to be the supreme of all holy places which contain pure and sacred water. It also consists of the magical properties which are used to heal the illness. It is a significant pilgrimage site because it gives the purification from the sins by dipping in this holy water.

The origin of the Radha Kund, Govardhana dates back to the days of Radha and Krishna. This Kund is an epitome of their love and happily spent the sweetest moments. Here, many devotees come to pay the homage to the sacred love of Goddess Radha and her consort Krishna. Also, take a dip in the Kund at midnight as per the customs. Right next to Radha Kund, there is one another famous religious pond in Govardhana that is Krishna Kund or Shyam Kund. Both Kunds represent the eyes of Govardhana Hill.

As Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna killed the bull demon and his consort told him to wash off his sin by taking a dip in the several holy rivers. Then, the Kund is to be formed by Krishna who struck the earth with his heel and the water has emerged at this spot. To please Radha, Krishna is bathed in the waters and this pond is known as “Shyam Kund”. Afterward, Radha and her friends decided to dig another Kund that would be even more delightful than of Krishna Kund. But it is difficult to fill the pond from Manasi Ganga so that Krishna allowed them to take water from his pond. Then, Lord Krishna had broken the banks of Shyam Kund with his power and a whole current of water flowed into the Kund which is known as Radha Kund.

In other words, the Shyam Kund is considered as the transcendental liquid form of Lord Krishna whiles the Radha Kund as the transcendental liquid form of Sri Radha. So, Lord Krishna took a bath in Radha Kund and announced that those who took a bath in this Kund would attain the seed of intense love, just like Radha Rani had for him. So, Radha Rani also took bath in Shyam Kund and announced that anyone took bath in this Kund would attain the love of Krishna which is similar to what Krishna had for her. The people take a holy dip in the Radha Kund along with Krishna Kund is at the midnight in the dark moon. This is the only pilgrimage where the holy bath is taken at midnight.

The tourists can visit this Kund at any time of the day. The nearby attractions of Radha Kund, Mathura are Krishna Janam Sthan Temple Complex, Har Deva Ji Temple, Govardhana Hill, Vishram Ghat, Government Museum Mathura, Gita Mandir Temple, Keshavdeo Temple and many more.

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