Madan Mohan Temple, Vrindavan

Madan Mohan Temple, Vrindavan

The Madan Mohan Temple is one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Uttar Pradesh. The temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna. The original deity of Madan Mohan was shifted to Rajasthan when Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was destroying the temples of Vrindavan. Later the deity was taken to Karauli by the princess of Rajasthan when she got married there. A replica of the original deity is now worshiped in the Madan Mohan Temple Vrindavan.

The idol of Madan Mohan was found by Advaita Acharya under an old banyan tree in Vrindavan. He handed over the idol to Purushottam Chaubey one of his disciples who again gave the idol to Santana Goswami. Santana Goswami worshiped the idol of Madan Mohan under a tree in the Dwadashaditya hill for many years. During this time, a trader from Multan came in contact with him. Ram Das Kapoor lost his ship full of goods and faced huge financial loss. He was advised by Santana Goswami to pray to Madan Mohan for help. After a few days, Ram Das Kapoor got his lost ship back and thus became a devotee of Lord Madan Mohan. He then under the advice of Santana Goswami built the Madan Mohan Mandir in Vrindavan.

The temple is located at the top of a hill named Advaita Tila that is 50 ft. high. It was built in 1570 and from then Sri Madan Mohan was worshiped in this temple before shifted to Rajasthan in 1670. Now a replica of the original idol is worshiped here. Previously there was no idol of Sri Radha in this temple. Later the king of Puri Prataparudra gifted two idols of Sri Radha to be placed beside Madan Mohan. A newer temple that also known as the Madan Mohan Temple was built by Sri Nand Kumar Bose in the year 1819 at the foothill.

Standing at a height of 50 Ft the Madan Mohan Templeoffers a very impressive look. The temple also includes Bhajan Kutir and Samadhi Sthal of Santana Goswami. The temple offers a serene atmosphere perfect for spending some peaceful time. The main Prasad that is offered to the deity is ‘Anga Kadi’ made from gram and flour. The temple opens at 4.30 PM with Mangal Aarti and during festivals like Govardhana Puja devotees in large numbers gather here.

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