Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura

Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura

Dwarkadhish Temple is one of the largest and oldest temples of Mathura city in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. It is dedicated to Lord Krishna who was the king of Dwarka and often called Dwarkadhish. This temple is regarded as a major and popular Hindu shrine for its elaborated architecture and paintings. It is located in the cultural hub of Mathura City. There are several small shops selling clothes, bangles, and eatables around the temple.

Dwarkadheesh Temple, Mathura was constructed by the Seth Gokul Das Parikh in 1814. He was the devotee of Lord Krishna. The main building of this temple is magnificently carved in Rajasthani Architectural Styles and Designs. In the center of the premises of the temple, there are three rows and their pillars are supported a beautiful painted ceiling. Also, these paintings depict the life story of Lord Krishna. The right row is for women and the left row is for men. In the middle lane, the entry is given to those who have a VIP pass.

In the front of the temple complex, there is a sanctum sanctorum or Garbhgriha where the holy idol is placed. The idol inside the Dwarkadhish Mandir is black-colored and inspires peace and it looks magnanimous. When the Darshan is closed, the entrance of the holy idol is covered with a curtain. While waiting for the curtains to be opened, the devotees can soak in the delightful paintings on the ceilings and the walls of the courtyard. The painting portrays the birth scene of Lord Krishna and the Raas Dance Performance which is done by him among several others.

This temple is currently managed by the followers of Vaishnava Sect which is earlier started by Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharaya. Besides, the devotees can go to the nearby sacred Vishram Ghat at the banks of Holy River Yamuna and offer the prayers as well as enjoy the Yamuna Aarti. Apart from it, the tourists can also see the idols of other Hindu deities and small Tulsi plant which is the Lord’s beloved as well as is revered by his devotees.

The popular festivals of Dwarkadheesh Mathura areHindola Utsav and Janmashtami. Janmashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna which is celebrated with enthusiasm and zest in the whole city. During this festival, the idol of Lord Krishna is bathed with water, curd, and milk. After it is cradled in a Crib (Palana) and the visitors enjoy and dance. During the Hindola Utsav, the idol of Lord is placed inside an intricately carved Swing Set (Hindola). This festival comes in the Hindu month of Shravan. Other important festivals celebrated are Diwali, Holi, etc.

The temple is around 3.5 km far away from Mathura Junction Railway Station. Tourists can easily take a cycle rickshaw or an auto-rickshaw to reach there.


Dwarkadhish Temple,Mathura Timings:

  • Mangla: 6:30 A.M – 7:00 A.M
  • Shringar: 7:40 A.M – 7:55 A.M
  • Gwal: 8:25 A.M – 8:45 A.M
  • Rajbhog: 10:00 A.M – 10:30 A.M
  • Utthanpan: 4:00 P.M – 4:20 P.M
  • Bhog: 4:45 P.M – 5:05 P.M
  • Aarti: 5:20 P.M – 5:40 P.M
  • Sayan: 6:30 P.M – 7:00 P.M

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